EVE Online: Into The Abyss - Known Issues & Reporting

We’re happy to announce that EVE Online: Into The Abyss is now live!

Please use this thread for known issues & reporting.

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EVE Online: Into The Abyss brings an entirely new style of PVE gameplay to New Eden, as well as stunning new environments that breathe new life and bring new content to all areas of space.

Abyssal deadspace awaits - the domain of the dangerous and elusive Triglavian Collective - with blueprints for their radically advanced ships and weapons systems available to capsuleers who dare to venture into the abyss.

The abyss also holds the secrets to unlocking more potential from existing capsuleer technologies via mutaplasmids, a new type of module mutation that can radically alter the properties and performance of modules in unpredictable ways, sometimes increasing their bonuses and making them more efficient, and other times rendering them less capable than before.

The summer expansion also includes a whole host of planetary interaction updates and improvement. These changes will make planetary installations easier to maintain and improve the flow and visual feedback during initial setup.

New indicators will show when nodes aren’t fully set up, new pinning mechanics will make it easier to drop multiple nodes of the same type, and a whole host of new tooltips will give guidance on how to use various elements of planetary interaction, guiding capsuleers through setup with more detail than ever before.



  • Filament cloud debuff does not affect Ancillary shield booster charge usage


  • Disintegrator firing sound effect doesn’t resume when zooming back in to the Leshak


  • When a pilot dies to Unstable Abyssal Depths (Abyssal Space out of bounds damage) there is no icon on the kill mail
  • Triglavian Tower wreck icons are too dark
  • Triglavian Tower icons lack VFX
  • Light and Heavy Deviant Suppressor’s VFX abruptly appears after smoothly firing halfway

Science & Industry:

  • The industry window fails to update, when delivering a reaction job.
  • Unable to make contract on behalf of corp for non empty ship in corp office


  • Triglavian ship wrecks do not salvage into anything

User Interface:

  • Spamming ‘Activate Gate’ on the last Abyssal gate causes a prolonged double inter-abyssal travel
  • It is currently not possible to apply a saved fitting to an already fitted ship, if the existing fit includes a weapon group which needs to be changed.
  • Undamaged crystals are currently not automatically merged into an existing stack when unloaded from a weapon to the cargo hold.
  • Previous directional scan results are not cleared when performing a directional scan in Abyssal Deadspace
  • Large Abyssal Energy Neutralizer has the wrong name
  • Mystic S reprocesses to the wrong materials
  • 'Small Astronautic Mutaplasmids’ market category is not spelled correctly
  • Fighters are missing their tech level attribute in the Show Info window
  • “Add Omega Time” and “Buy Extra Skill Queue” buttons in the inventory PLEX vault are not functioning. Workaround - Add time through the NES, rather than the PLEX Vault This has now been resolved, restart client to get update as of 20:12 29th May 2018
  • Searching for contracts fails sometimes, when it includes contracts in conquerable stations. Workaround: Disable the “Exclude Unreachable” filter. - This has now been resolved, restart client to get update as of 20:12 29th May 2018

I can’t deliver my corp’s reaction works.

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Hi! Thanks for the report! We just confirmed that reaction jobs complete - but the client is not notified about it due to an error. This leads to the industry window to get out of sync, but you should see the reaction formula and the outpost materials in your inventory window.

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Can you confirm that Data Sites are dropping filaments as we speak? We’ve rushed through about 20 now and no sign of filaments.


There seems to be an issue since the update, I cannot seem to repair drones within Station or Upwell structures. The menu simply states that there is nothing to repair however several drones have taken armour damage.


Not had any in data sites, but I got mine in Relic sites.

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Lol are you serious?

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Totally I did 2 data sites and one relic site in my home system… got 2 in the relic nothing in the data

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That’s hilarious. wtf

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Locator agents seem to be broken after update.

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Hi there,

Are the drones in your drone bay? Are you able to repair the drones if you place them into your item hangar?

CCP Turtlepower

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Not just that. There’s a glitch with grouping of items dumped to cargo across types: ammo / ice / ore. For some reason every few times there’s no background merge.


Both Drone Bay and when in inventory fail to repair. cannot repackage from inventroy due to damage too.

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Okay for some reason it is now working… Not sure if it was anything to do with being damaged during the abyssal sites or not, I will try again shortly.

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Thanks for the update. Please file a bug report with a screenshot if this happens again, our testing is also showing this to work correctly.

Fly safe!
CCP Turtlepower


Actually I can confirm that. I’ve noticed the same issue on sisi several days ago. And now it happens on Tranquility too. Simply dock into the station or structure and choose a ship with damaged drones in drone bay. Drones will not appear in the repair list. Only can repair drones after moving them from drone bay to the station inventory.


Locator agents are dead

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Switching pages in the contract window incurs a 1 minute time out notification. This has been an issue since the last patches.

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Did they finally fix turret weapon visuals constantly breaking yet or is that still a thing? I’d log in, but my internet’s down and all I can do for now is forum-fu on my phone.