EVE Online: Onslaught - Known Issues

Please use this thread for reporting known issues.

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EVE Online: Onslaught brings more quality of life changes, fresh balance, two new triglavian ships and content and more iteration on abyssal deadspace, as well as a whole host of new navigation structures that further enable capsuleers to become masters of their domain.

Also arriving are three new Upwell Structures, the Ansiblex Jump Gate, the Pharolux Cynosural Beacon, and the Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer, as well as the new Kikimora class destroyer and Drekavak class battlecruiser, which add to the Triglavian ship tree.

In addition to this, the first player versus player encounters have been added to abyssal deadspace, along with a new co-operative mode, allowing up to three frigate class hulls to venture into abyssal deadspace together in order to face off against the Triglavian threat.

EVE Online: Onslaught also includes the new activity tracker, allowing pilots to chart their achievements and future goals in New Eden, along with updated visuals on stargates across the cluster, a new global search function and many more quality of life improvements.

Known Issues:

IClicking Contract notifications does not open the contracts window.
•Activity Tracker fails to log Abyssal Deadspace encounter completed if exiting from the PvP pocket.
•Entering Abyssal PvP by jumping to a new solar system will not load up the correct nebula.
•Character Selection screen background image is incorrect.
•Some minor graphical issues and flickers in the new Abyssal Deadspace dungeons.
*Activity Tracker does not display player portraits.
*Activity Tracker does not always update automatically.
*Universal Search is currently not showing new items added in the Onslaught release.
*Stargate audio does not obey inactive client mute setting.
*Some players who were training Triglavian Cruisers prior to the update are unable to modify their skill queues.
*Planetary Interaction: Merging the Planetary Production colonies window in Compact mode with another window will return it to the full sized mode.
*Activity Tracker: Delivering a corporation industry job increments the Industry nodes of the player that delivered the job instead of the one that started it.
*In some rare cases the client UI is not showing the options for docking at a station or Upwell Structure. Workaround: Use the Autopilot.
*Pilots that were in control of a Structure before the patch are now unable to undock (and do not have an active pod or ship)

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Gate sounds don’t adhere to mute settings.

In my case all corp bookmarks are gone after the release. Relogged multiple times, doesnt change a thing. Dont know if this is a common issue or just for me. …

Thanks for the report, could you confirm with a corp mate whether this is purely an issue for yourself?

no corp mate online atm… but I will ask corp mates later and if this is purely an issue for myself, I will make a bug report. Thanks!

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Searching for the new Navigation structures in the new uber-search doesn’t seem to find them. Can find them on the market search tho.

Thanks for the heads up, it seems our search system needs a kick, we’ll investigate :slight_smile:

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Level in the main section of the activity tracker does not seem to update automatically. Had navigation on I, then a notification indicating that I had reached level II, but the icon on the wheel still showed a I.

Regarding the neocom toolbar: Some of the icons are highlighted with a brighter background. If I interpret this correctly it is meant to indicate open windows. However some icons stay highlighted even if I close the corresponding window again.

In my corp everything is OK with corporate bookmarks.

Looks like salvaged made by Salvage Drones isn’t tracked yet or not displayed. Bounties made by the same ships is tracked correctly.

• We are already working on a fix for the Activity Tracker currently not updating automatically.
• The highlighted background after clicking a window a second time is to denote that although the window isnt open, it is still loaded in the background.

Please submit a bug report for this :slight_smile:

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Should a reboot be needed to apply fixes, please give fair warning in advance since a lot of ppl will be down in the Abyss.

Corp Mate confimed: all bookmarks are gone, not only for me… Hope you can help, thanks!!

Since the downtime my Client dont runns annymore cause of changed or Missing files

I can login to Laucher but if i click launch Game the Message “changed or missing Files” apears

Activity tracker does not resize correctly on ultra wide 2560x1080 screens, it crops the top and bottom and you cant view them.


Dalron said what I came to say - Activity Tracker does not scale and zoom out properly. It was working on SISI, so I’m not sure why it’s not working on live.

Trade not tracked by activity tracker. -10

I mean, if we gonna track in game activities then why trade is not tracked?