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EVE Online: Onslaught brings more quality of life changes, fresh balance, two new triglavian ships and content and more iteration on abyssal deadspace, as well as a whole host of new navigation structures that further enable capsuleers to become masters of their domain.

Also arriving are three new Upwell Structures, the Ansiblex Jump Gate, the Pharolux Cynosural Beacon, and the Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer, as well as the new Kikimora class destroyer and Drekavak class battlecruiser, which add to the Triglavian ship tree.

In addition to this, the first player versus player encounters have been added to abyssal deadspace, along with a new co-operative mode, allowing up to three frigate class hulls to venture into abyssal deadspace together in order to face off against the Triglavian threat.

EVE Online: Onslaught also includes the new activity tracker, allowing pilots to chart their achievements and future goals in New Eden, along with updated visuals on stargates across the cluster, a new global search function and many more quality of life improvements.


Well, at long last CCP finally made it possible to turn off that stupid blink of the Agency … and right away on the activity tracker. Maybe not all hope is lost yet.

The Search field is pretty neat as well. Gonna take some time to get rid of that Alt R muscle reflex to open the market to find items.

Being able to turn off notifications in the feed is also very appreciated. At least some CCP developers still have their senses together and want to make the experience better. :slight_smile:


Instanced gameplay in a sandbox of emergent behaviour. Heh.


People are used to have the “Market transactions” tab to be the last one in this row, the new “automatic pay settings” is disturbing this.

Please move it.

Maybe even make it a new tab in the wallet top and combine it with corp automatic pay settings (automatic pay settings with two sub tabs: personal and corp).


People keep saying it as if everyone would jump straight onto it and would now only be doing Abyssal space PvP.

My first activity of the day was to look at the activity tracker.
My second activity was to remove it from the Neocom.

I know what I’m doing.

Turned off the button blinking for the activity tracker.
Disabled notifications for activity tracker.


We crossed the line already with the first Abyssal “dungeons” (official wording btw). EvE has ended to be a sandbox with this.

The problem is, all the people diving into those dungeons are lost for the sandbox and reduce the population in space further. Less targets, less hunters, less activity in space.

Is this the direction we want to evolve EvE into? Safe PvE plus totally optional player interaction (PvP)?


From the Patch notes: “Renamed ‘Journal’ tab in the Wallet window to ‘Transactions’ for clarity.”

It would seem like a reasonable change at first sight but now there are two tabs with similar names - Transactions (was Journal before) and Market Transactions - that shows mainly player to player transactions. My advice is to keep the Journal tab as it is and not change it to Transactions, since it would be kind of duplicate, as far as naming goes, with the already existing Market Transactions.


I have never read any player complaining about the Journal tab name being misleading or something. For me it is informative enough and correctly describes the nature of the tab.

So I would humbly advice to revert the change if possible.

EDIT: I assume the devs have been trying to avoid any similarities with the Mission Journal window name, so I guess renaming the wallet tab from ‘Journal’ to ‘Wallet Journal’ would be ok.


The never ending whining of the people who are afraid that they will lose the possibility to ruin the day for some random folk… Don’t worry, will be always an opportunity in EVE to make someone suffer :crazy_face:


Nice update. Too bad drones aren’t getting any of that love yet. They are now the only group of weapons that have no roulette wheel.

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Who is we? I’m just playing a game. I’m not making it, I don’t manage it, nor do I get paid for it.

Oh yes, there is indeed. Waiting for all these stupid abyssal runners on their traces is a lot of fun. Especially if they have a scout outside who tells them the situation and leaves them only with the choice between death inside and death outside. Ruining Abyssal runner days is imperative these days.


I am OK wit this prospect, I am glad that I can do what I want, not what I MUST. Anyone who want PVP can find like-minded and take a room/system to kill each other whole day long :rofl:


The activity tracker sits behind all our windows - not much use as it is

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CCP by coding and marketing it, and also, you, and everybody defending this nonsense.

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I meant who he means by “we”. Everyone has got an opinion obviously.

To me is Abyssal space just an option, one which I haven’t even explored yet. The idea this would make people unavailable for PvP is just greed. There are plenty of people out there who one can fight. If they actually all came for you then you wouldn’t like it.

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hey ccp i’m really happy for your activity tracker, and imma let you finish, but how to turn it off?

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You can remove it from the Neocom. By right-clicking it in the menu can you also disable the blinking. There is also a setting under notifications, which you can turn off and so won’t get any notifications each time the tracker updates.


Is there any way to turn off the blinking of the Regional Market icon when an order updates? For my trader alt, I have orders updating all the time, which means that icon is blinking ALL THE TIME. It’s meaningless and distracting.

This must be new. I haven’t seen it yet. The wallet (“Z”-symbol) blinks and it has an option to disable the blinking on order changes …

Try to right-click the market symbol. It has an option to disable blinking.