EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(Aldurin Pollard) #23

I thought ccp said the activity tracker would be populated with the last few months of data, what happened to that?

(aria Yatolila) #24

Where there’s no anti stale mecanic yet In the abyss proving ground ?

(Piotr Leusten) #25

That’s weird. When I right-click the market icon, the only options I have are "minimize’ and “close”.

(Kitten Ripper) #26

Close your market window and see if you then get the option. When I have the market open do I also not see the “Disable Button Blink”-option.

(Piotr Leusten) #27

Ah, that did it! Thanks!

CCP, this is completely non-obvious, IMO. Could you retain the “disable button blink” option even when the market window is open?

(Sil Devil) #28

Just went inside abyssal pvp with a gila. Finally meet a 50m caracal with 50mn mwd avoid fighting and try blackmail me . Great experience running out 30 mins and quite a fair trade inspire me.

(Kitten Ripper) #29

The new gates look nice.


(BIade Runner) #30

Tell that to Tipa_Riot, not me, i really don’t care :yum:

(Rivr Luzade) #31

Why was the login screen’s theme changed to gray? Hovering over a char makes the text really hard to read because the background is almost as gray as the text parts.

(Davina Sienar) #32

Yeah…Just 1 Question: Why is it FULLSCREEN ??? just like that unused Shiptree
Realy no Idea who come up with such design choices and makin stuff Fullscreen … ^^
Please hire more UI Design Noobs that never play the Game they code for…

(Zachri) #33

If CCP were still just CCP, that would remain a valid choice over time. Keep in mind however that things have changed, PA sets CCP’s goals and prioritises allocations. It’ll take a few years, but the sandbox will die in every regard as this was determined to be the venture development requirement above all others. Both by CCP in preparation, and by PA in line with its operational requirements as an investment fund.

I get what @Tipa_Riot is saying. I’d point out that it will take years, just like getting to the current situation took several years of conscious and deliberate prioritisation by CCP’s management (after the summer of rage).

(Kitten Ripper) #34

One solution would be for CCP to implement permadeath for characters older than 5 years. Once these reach 5 years or older will they be on their last clone.

It would truly be hardcore, and it would get rid of a lot of bitter vets, too.

(Rebekah Alland) #35

Do pilots already skilled up for Precursor battleships now need to go back and inject the new destroyer and battlecruiser skills to be able to fly the Leshak?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #36

No, extracted and reinjected in new pvp char. You face a 2 days toon with 100mil sp and 5000 kills under it’s belt.

(Kitten Ripper) #37

Yes, but I don’t believe many would be this dedicated and flexible to make such an adjustment. We could be getting rid of those who hate change and progress.

The major bulk of players doesn’t seem to be older than 5 years and wouldn’t be affected by it, but it would give them a new goal and fuel conflicts.

(Dragos Highwind) #38

Barely a month into the game and I have to say I’m impressed at the progress and constant improvement of such a long lived game.

You’ll have bitter vets in any game, it’s just the nature of things. At least in this game they can take their aggression out on each other lol.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #39

So more people leaving the game. Good. I hope you’ll be able to recruit lot of fresh meat.

(Salt Foambreaker) #40

For some reason lemmings cannot be stopped from running off the cliff.

I guess Lemmings will be Lemmings?

(Kitten Ripper) #41

I’m not sure. I wouldn’t want to lose a lot of players, hence I say to make it 5 years, knowing the bulk of players doesn’t stay this long. Then as you’ve pointed out are there players who wouldn’t have a problem with it. So who’d we really lose? Old players, who dislike change, or give bad advice to new players, etc… Their loss could bring a gain, too.

But my point isn’t to get rid of players, but I rather want to find out what it is people truly want. Do they want to bring hardcore back or do they want to keep the status quo or might it just be self-serving? If it’s hardcore players want then we definitely need to look into permadeath for EVE players.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #42

They removed the clone update and the skillpoint loss when you got podded. It was a good system. It was fun because losses were significant. Remove injectors, bring back SP losses and get rid of asset safety. I made hundreds of billions with injectors but they can remove them, i want the fun back.