EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(slphy vansyl) #43

remove, disable,turn off (ah, feel better)
making profit as always when new things go out
trying the abyss mode tiers 3: first door, going out safe with loot
second door: encounter a pvp gila and got a chance to lose all and ship and pod

abyss stay for me a chill pve place, between trading
i’m not a goon so no need of all this jump things :slight_smile:
achievment? this is eve or GW2 (when titlle under name outta space?)
so no really impact


Automatic Pay Settings is in the wrong place!!
Why is it in the wallet settings…not opposed to it existing…but it is the wrong place.
Keep my wallet as a wallet and my jumping as something seperate

(Karlos Solrak) #45

I know activity tracker is not retroactive, but having the systems and regions visited at zero and the eve map showing I’ve been to half the systems in my 8 years of play feels off.

Also there is no reliable way to check which systems you haven’t been to for the activity tracker unless you backtrack to every system you have previously visited.

Probably nothing you can do about it, but it needed to be said.

(Fluffy Moe) #46

@CCP_Falcon There is something about patch notes that I do not understand and would like a clarification on.

From patch notes:

" All Tiers have had an adjustment to the number of NPCs that can spawn at once, with Tier 1 - 3 spawning on average fewer NPCs."

This basically states that there will be less NPCs in all tiers of Abyss, with reduction being focused on tiers 1-3. Is this correct ?

Then also from patch notes:

“Abyssal Deadspace - Triglavian Battleship fleets will now contain additional ships that focus solely on damage and do not have specialized roles.”

This basically states that there will be a bigger then before Battleship spawn with additional ships that do not have any EWAR or repair capabilities which are going to be just basic DPS.

The second one countermands the first one. Additionally spawned ships make the spawn even bigger then before, not smaller or reduced as per the first patch note.

Can you clarify please ?

(Spacing Cowboy) #47

Looks good so far,
To bad… somehow , the patch managed to brick my skillque…
( and in the proces , so as the accelerator running seems missing in action )

(Dragos Highwind) #48

On the note of permadeath, SP loss, etc as a new player Eve has an absolute chasm of learning curve. I’ve played thousands of games and countless mmos, but this is the most unique mechanically I’ve ever come across. The tutorials are great and kudos to CCP on that, but there is so much to digest that even if a new player was given 3x the SP of a vet player they wouldn’t stand a chance., let alone a skilled PvPer.

I think that is why CCP has directed content the way they have. Punishing vets with a 5 year permadeath will just make them leave or hinder their own progress with new character creation. Putting SP loss and clone death punishes new players in an already brutal learning curve when Eve needs new players to stick with the game. The abyssal dungeon content is a happy medium where hardcore hunters can fight like minded players and PvE content players can be happy with their content. As long as there is high rate of ship destruction in these, which is key, it continues to fuel the economy. That said, an over abundance of this content WILL sap the player count in open space and should be avoided. Keep it as an option, not as a necessity or “the best time/isk return”.

/end newbro enthusiasm rant

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #49

Not matter iskies and skillpoints, experience is the only thing. That’s why you are told to go outside and lose ships.

(Asvald) #50

It would be nice to have historical data in the activity tracker. I was excited to see what I’d been doing over the last ten years, but when I open it now and everything is literally at zero it feels completely inaccurate. Is there any chance that historical data will get pulled into the activity tracker so we’re not starting new with all these stats?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #51

Maybe i’m alone in this but of late every expansion makes me want to play less, not more. CCP keeps making the game less and less “eve” like, its sapping my will to log in. The last open world pvp game I played was killed by the introduction of battlegrounds - I cant see this being good for eve.

(Eric Kalfren) #52

Overall I think these changes are pretty nifty and by far the most underrated feature is this new search function. Love it guys great work

(Jonathan Rotineque) #53

Mini PI Panel is not persistent in station. Undock, redock it reverts to large format. Mini PI Panel goes large when attached to any other panel. You can only have a Mini PI panel if it is a standalone panel

(Rivr Luzade) #55

Great. Another useless change to ship types. Shuttles are now citizen ships, which is another category and now you need to change loads of overview setups again. Great. When will CCP actually put some of that UI design prowess that they indicated with the search box into introducing a dialog to activate new things on all overview settings that you have?

(Uriel the Flame) #57

A jump accident can land you on Azeroth now. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vol Arm'OOO) #58

Its been said before but it bears repeating - battle grounds suck the life out of open world games. Every time someone enters into an instance they are not available in the open world - the more people that use the instances, the worse the open world becomes. However, battlegrounds get stale real fast - unless new maps are added to promote new challenges, it becomes highly repetitive. So what happens is that people looking for open world pvp cant find it because everyone is in the new shinny instances, but the new shinny instances start bleeding players because they get old real fast, but those players cant go back to the old open world pvp since there isnt enough folk there to maintain that critical mass necessary for pvp.

Here, in eve, we are way off the high point in player log ins. Much of the universe is simply empty and devoid of any significant population of players. Yet, ccp keeps adding content that segments and spreads out the players more and more. Shattered wormholes, pve instances, and now pvp instances. I guess in describing eve it is getting near the point where we can drop the “mm” from mmo.

Finally, one v. one duels are the worst thing for eve pvp. Eve pvp is very rock, paper scissors. Normally, this fact is masked by the open world - third parties coming in, npcs, differences in fleet compositions, etc. . . But in a one v. one instance - none of that exists - the basic nature of the eve pvp cant be hidden. Its all going to be about ship type and fitting - and then the inevitable calls will come for balance passes to be made to fix the ships so that everyone has a shot in the instances no matter what it does to balance in the open world. This is just the beginning of the clusterfuck that is battlegrounds.

(Jodah Anson) #59

Has anyone else noticed, that when other players jump gates, and you are just watching, they blue or red shift depending on their direction of travel? Coolest small detail ever. Good job CCP!

(Eric Kalfren) #60

Like you describe an ecosystem

(Harumi Ito) #61

Has anyone else noticed that for those watching a gate the activation sound no longer plays as people jump in or out of a system? It works when you travel thought the gate yourself but we apparently will no longer be able to listen for gate fire to determine when someone is jumping in or out? Is this intended behavior?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #62

an ecosystem where everyone leaves.

(Eric Kalfren) #63

Yes… that’s what I was picking up. Eventually the … wardeccer for example doesn’t buy the stuff the victim HS industrialist makes. Death spiral

(mimi45) #64

I do not have time for all that “open world” roaming, for me it is lost time. But now I resubed because of Abyss. When I have some time, log into Eve and do one instance run.
Eve did not loose anything, I wont roam “open world”, Eve got my subscription because of Abbys.

I am proof that you are completly wrong and the time you spent writing your post was wasted.

Kind regards
write smart