EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(Ydnari) #65

The activity tracker appears to credit industry jobs for corp to the person who delivers them. It should go to the person who installed the job.

(OK just spotted that’s been added to known issues now).

(Kitten Ripper) #66

Listen, now we have an area in which players can show their true skill in PvP. Why does this matter? Because until now was PvP either about having the bigger ship nearby or having more pilots. It’s been about making sure and ahead of a fight that one is going to win, or when the signs point towards defeat, to run away.

The new PvP option is an alternative to this. There is then no escape, no docking up and the number of players is limited. The players can show off their individual skill as pilots. There is no hiding behind an alliance or only an FC, and no endless smacktalk.

There are other ways to implement it, but an instanced area is one of them. It ensures the fights take place in a controlled and limited environment and it keeps all forms of manipulation and escape out. There is no station where one can dock, no moons to warp to, and (if I understand this correctly) is the death for one side a certainty. Two go in, one comes out.

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the idea, who doesn’t appreciate the hardcore in it or otherwise cannot get behind it is likely just a liar and a coward, hiding behind a huge mountain of rubbish excuses, paranoia and hysteria. Who cares if it’s instanced?!

(Shaigh) #67

Sorry, but those new banners totally take away from the new gate graphics upgrades… Way too big and too much…

(Rivr Luzade) #68

First impression of Fleet Frigate Abyss: Waaaaaay too easy.

(Eric Kalfren) #69

How do you guys find these sites?

(Julien Brellier) #70

Buy Calm filaments from npc sellers on market then you find the more difficult ones as loot inside those

(Gleb Koskov) #71

The new fleeted Abyssal content arrived without an adequate ‘Content’ subgroup chat channel. BIG FLAW. :-1:

(Sugar Smacks) #72

I believe what CCP are aiming for here is to give solo players a chance to pvp without any sort of interference while providing a fairly guaranteed chance of finding pvp when they want it.

Does this go against EvE philosophy? Possibly since the solo pvpr will be much more inclined to go to the abyss instead of roaming into a almost certain gank death.

Now I know the answer to almost every solution from most people is “join a corp” or “do it too”, but that doesn’t fly with a particular segment of EvEs population. It is not very entertaining to go search for pvp to be ganked by 101 idiots who could never do it by themselves.

Now I understand Losec is dying because of this very reason, but is the answer to just throw everyone at it until it is completely dead? Or try to head it off with a completely different mechanic that guarantees a solo pvp experience that doesn’t take all day to look for.

It is important to understand in any game that the way you play it may not only be what people DO NOT want, but the very thing that drives them away.

I personally am indifferent to the changes are they good? Kind of. Are they bad? Kind of. But certainly they are neither completely good nor completely bad.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #73

By your own admission you dont want to be part of the open world. Eve as it was originally designed is clearly not for you. Thats ok. Now that you have resubbed and CCP got your money you can play your isolated solo game - with the occasional duel. And like most casuals after a while, you will probably fade away, because of the repetitive nature of the pve. The bigger question is whether the core players who have been with eve forever - who played eve because of the open world are going to stick around or continue to bleed away. Sure you’re irrelevant to the open world - but the vets who have been here forever are not. If the new battlegrounds hurt the open world, as they have in every other mmo where they have been introduced, you probably wont notice the difference in your little bubble - but ccp surely will since it is the vets that have carried this game since the beginning .

(Vol Arm'OOO) #74

Why do you think this is above true player skill? Its going to be mostly rock paper scissor. Meta ships with Cookie cutter fits.

When your house is burning down - the first thing you do is put out the fire, you dont pour gasoline on it. You dont fix eve pvp and lowsec by adding battlegrounds.

(Sugar Smacks) #75

When you say “true player skill” you mean holding your opponent with scram/webs until your backup arrives.

Still think the solo player is encouraged to pvp after this experience again and again?

(Sugar Smacks) #76

Its easy for you to sit there and yell “fix losec” when no one has any good ideas how to fix it, including you.

It is easier to add content as a workaround then to dive in and try to fix the very thing everyone is going to get angry about no matter how it turns out.

Or as an analogy, before you fix the boat, you stop the leak in it.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #77

What do you mean “player skill?” is it winning because you happen to have a rock and the other guy played scissor?

In eve pvp 9 times of ten you can tell who is going to win just by looking at the ships and fits. Min-max fits are all available to anybody who reads the forums. Just because they fly around in a room until one is dead doesnt mean that any player skill was involved - after all this is not a twitch game. The skill in eve all comes from the hunt, which is lacking in these battlegrounds. The battlegrounds expose all of the worst aspects of eve pvp.

Also if you are a solo player and you let yourself be scrammed/webbed then you failed. What makes you think that its going to be any different in the battlegrounds - your failures will just come in some other form wrong fit, wrong ship, etc. . . Perhaps you will get to fly around until the inevitable conclusion and that will make you feel like you accomplished something - but the end result will be the same.

(Aldurin Pollard) #78

People are reporting a 33% increased penalty in declining missions, is this true? Not listed in patch notes

(Sugar Smacks) #79

I understand your anger of removing people you intend to hunt, but the joy you get out of hunting may not be any kind of joy that they get out of pvp.

Can you usually tell who will win by fits and ships in EvE? Sure usually

Now lets talk about what is unique to the Abyss pvp and how it is better than average pvp. Notice I said better I didn’t say as good.

Normally you will never get normal people to commit any kind of serious isk into their fits for pvp. Have you looked at pvp doctorines even in large corps? Its cheap cheap and whats cheaper. This is NOT the abyss. I just watched a 300 mil Gila get owned by a streamer in his 600 mil fit. Usually neither of these people would probably commit such funds on pvp, but they did for the big whopping payout of 20 mil and 2 crappy blueprints.

Industry will flourish, big things will die, and being cheap will equal loss. Yes the abyss has some good qualitys that are hard to ignore.

(Kitten Ripper) #80

Nonsense. Of course are many games more or less a form of chance, just like Rock, Paper & Scissors is based on chance, but you cannot seriously believe it wasn’t more than this.

You might as well proclaim that poker would be a version of Rock, Paper & Scissors only with cards.

(slphy vansyl) #81

i see this : I believe what CCP are aiming for here is to give solo players a chance to pvp without any sort of interference while providing a fairly guaranteed chance of finding pvp when they want it.

could be great, really
but gila rules abyss and you’ll only see them in this pvp zone (cruiser size)
so, after encounter some of them, losing nearly 2.5b in one hour (forgot implant price to add), this is not a place to really pvp (for me) and have fun… launch drone, wait at 50km, the biggest toons with $$ implants, drugs etc will win
other side, rewards: now i cant be even in this place if i dont run it so many time that i prefer to run 4 or 5 courrier contract and market flip
i returned to try it… not convinced at all
and the new tool added to see my game progression, just a toy!
i’ll try the new ship in few days when price go down, got fun with triva ship in general
so (pearl) abyss miss to catch me but do the job, being a isk sinkhole

(Iowa Banshee) #82

But in this you don’t have to bling fit to win - you just need to fit as cheap as possible and ISK grind.

Run them in highsec and only up to level 3

Sure - sit in the arena to see if you can get the loot by waiting for the despawn but if another player comes in use Ecm drones, kiting and any other means not get killed in PVP - It’s a waiting game at the moment but people will give up on trying to do PVP if you can force mutual destruction using the cheapest fit possible.

Then as fewer players run them they can be farmed for ISK with only the occasional mutual ship loss.

(Sugar Smacks) #83

I gotta admit I didn’t understand the timer on the arena part of the abyss. It doesn’t seem a fitting end to just prolong it until you both die and that’s basically a viable option that is created because of it.

(Eric Kalfren) #84

Hey I found a couple different filament things in a data site earlier. Not sure if that’s a new thing?