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The summer expansion brings the kickoff of the Triglavian invasion as the Collective takes its first aggressive steps into known space. In addition to this, there’s a whole host of quality of life changes, the next stage of the war declaration overhaul, new tech II Triglavian hulls, mutaplasmid groups and invention materials, as well as the new pointer tool and a complete overhaul of The Agency.

Pilots can expect the Triglavian threat to escalate in the coming weeks as the collective begins to establish a beachhead in known space, launching attacks against territories across the cluster.

Bringing a new presence to New Eden, pilots will have to directly face the Triglavian fleet as it emerges from abyssal deadspace in brand new combat sites.


The amount of Anomalies and Signatures in a K-Space system is now visible from anywhere.



I know at least one of the additions of this expansion has received lots of negative feedback before it was released, I can’t imagine it will be any better in this thread either.


Wow, you guys, so negative :frowning:


This is fantastic! Thank you for this awesome Agency!


The Agency forcefully opening when you log in in space in the middle of a stressful situation is certainly a welcomed thing. Another welcomed thing is that you have to click a tiny white square to kill off the intro screen. Good work.


Minor issue: The advanced components needed to manufacture Precursor T2 ships show up in the Market Group for Amarr, I’d rather expect them in their own group.


I guess it is time to buy a cloaking tengu :stuck_out_tongue:

You tinkered with the UI in other places again but you still have not fixed the issue that buttons in notification windows are not highlighted properly. It is not clear at all if Yes or No are preselected. Maybe you should have your UI developers use EVE for a change? This is also not the first time that I or other people mention this.


Where are the new ships?

Well done CCP the roaming Triglave fleets in low sec are a lot of fun, I can see a lot of pvp coming out of this while players farm the triglavs, just hope the loot gets better made 2mil in 30min xD but I guess its only stage 1 or 3.

As I’m typing this I got shot by 2 players this is awesome !! ^_^.

Having no npc gate camps on gate’s also allows more traffic into the system which keeps it healthy so well thought out there as well.

Pointer tool is really nice will help a lot with training.

Agency window is great, the only thing is the multiple jump free sig intel, would prefer maybe only 1 jump out.


Nice subtle nerf to supercapital umbrellas: it now takes at least 5 minutes to log in , find a fleet and join it. Allows the attacker to do a quick dreadbomb and GTFO.


Helping timid high sec citizens dive into low sec, and in the process maybe discover a more exciting way to play…


Cool, without having an escalation I cannot setup a bookmark to the escalation card. :face_vomiting:

And I have to click on the check box to check it instead of being able to click on the entire line to check the box like it is possible in the Wallet or Market settings. :facepalm:

And the agent sorting in the Agent finder is absolute garbage random instead of sorted by range. :facepalm:


I came across the following issues:

windows taskbar showing on one of my monitors regardless of monitor setup,

having to spam-klick in character selection for a minute until it finally registers and is logging in a character

Both rather offputting, but at least for the taskbar problem I won’t rule out myself or my pc as a source of the problem :smiley:

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Launcher is broken… i have to click on the account about 1500 times for about 8 minutes before it will actually log in… this is for all my accounts… rebooted and all, created a fleet couldnt see it for about 10 minutes and just closed out completely ill wait for a patch for the patch.


Huge delay in Client logging in after clicking on the Character…3-4 min Delay

  1. The arbitrary 30 limit on the agent finder makes it useless. I want to be able to see all lvl 4 security agents, in high sec, for a specific faction. That way you can make informed decisions on which npc corp to do mission for. So it’s better than the previous version in the way that you aren’t forced to only look in your direct vicinity but it’s still useless.

If you can set the max to an arbitrary number of 30 you can also set it higher, or just don’t have a max at all but simply show all results.

  1. there needs to be a more visible back button on the agency window, right now it shows the tree which sort of makes sense but a nice a big back button would be helpful.

As others have stated:

The unusually long log in time when selecting a character is very unfortunate, especially the if something time sensitive occurring.

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