EVE Online: Invasion - Known Issues & Feedback (Mac)

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Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting known issues with the Mac client for EVE Online: Invasion.

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The summer expansion brings the kickoff of the Triglavian invasion as the Collective takes its first aggressive steps into known space. In addition to this, there’s a whole host of quality of life changes, the next stage of the war declaration overhaul, new tech II Triglavian hulls, mutaplasmid groups and invention materials, as well as the new pointer tool and a complete overhaul of The Agency.

Pilots can expect the Triglavian threat to escalate in the coming weeks as the collective begins to establish a beachhead in known space, launching attacks against territories across the cluster.

Bringing a new presence to New Eden, pilots will have to directly face the Triglavian fleet as it emerges from abyssal deadspace in brand new combat sites.

EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback
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Initial observation on Macbook Pro 13 early 2015:
The 64 bit client seems to be using 50% more cpu and memory resources compared to the 32 bit. However, it seems to be running more smoothly. This is just by flying around and not doing any pve, mining or pvp activities. This was on window mode.

Also, the fullscreen option seems to have a host of issues (reduces mouse pointer reaction time severely after switching to another window/app, client locks up where doesn’t even respond to esc or cmd-tab and had to force quit the wine program)

Addition: When switching back to the 32bit client and using the fullscreen mode. The second screen goes full black when playing eve and doesn’t show the other programs of that screen. After that when switching back to window mode the second screen still goes black when the eve client (wine) is on the first screen.

(Artemis Kalidri) #4

I seem to have an issue with the launcher updating. Current version is 1514997. On launching I am notified that 1515022 is available however, neither letting the countdown time expire or clicking the button to update result in the launcher updating.

Additionally, I have had a couple of crashes; one when taking a titan bridge and another when docking in station. I get the macOS beachball and the client just hangs. GPU activity goes to nothing but I don’t get a WINE error as I have seen in the past. I have to force quit the client.

(Bombali KARPUZ) #5

Macbook Pro 15’’ Late 2017 with Touchbar
32 bit version: Client use up much more +%25-40 CPU and GPU resources. Once you switch to full screen, there’s no going back to windowed mode. If I switch to window mode I can only see the client with a black background. It’s like the game is in a container and it’s running windowed mode inside a full screen container.

With dual screen, if I switch to full screen, it’s worse. Secondary screen completely goes black and only way to exit is to CMD+TAB which minimizes the window (even if I go back to windowed mode)

(Crimsonjade) #6

I’m having the exact same problem. Was working fine and then I logged off and the client doesn’t work. Tried d/l it and wiping my hard drive but still nothing.

(Vapor) #7

64bit client

MacBook Pro 2017
Sierra 10.12.6
2.3 gHz intel core i5
8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB

When I alt tab between my two accounts after a few alt tabs back and forth, the cursor goes into group select mode randomly and I end up having to press shift to undo it, or if I don’t notice I’ll start typing in a chat box window and it’ll pop up loads of various windows like Character sheet, market, assets etc and the worst bit is that it will put my screen into Window mode (from full screen) and reset my UI scaling from 90% to 100%.

It’s random as I say and I can’t recreate it other than by alt tabbing repeatedly until it happens.

Anyone else get this ?

(Bombali KARPUZ) #8

Yes, it happens a lot if you’re switching windows with CMD+Tab or using any other key combination while switching windows.

Used keys stays in pressed state, after the switch is completed, pressing Shift, CTRL, Option and CMD keys individually sometimes resolves the problem. Other than that you may have to focus to another window, switch back without using keyboard and pray that it’ll return back to its original state.

I highly recommend trying this out in the middle of a battle and try not to die at the same time.

(Vapor) #9

Haha yes!

I never had the issue on the 32bit client though. It normally happens to me when I’m gating both characters. It’s not fun if you’re being chased out of Detorid and when you hear the gate warp sound so you switch back to a character to set the next warp or take evasive action and either you can’t select anything or 5 windows pop up on your screen obscuring your vision. Some hairy moments I can tell you.