November Release: Invasion Chapter 2 - Known Issues (Mac)

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Invasion Chapter 2

Defenders and offenders of New Eden, the second chapter in the EVE Online - Invasion expansion is now live, and free to download for all players!

With Invasion Chapter 2 comes the introduction of a new Triglavian combat experience, one where you will have to choose between siding with the Empires or the Triglavian Collective in engagements, allowing for two paths through the encounters!

The awesome new Triglavian Dreadnought - the Zirnitra - also makes its bow in this new chapter. This new ship will prove a challenging adversary for Capsuleers, but also a desirable prize for those that can pilot it. There will also be new skills required for piloting the Dreadnought, as well as the monstrous new Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator guns and new ammo for it.

There are updates to the Loyalty Point Store, meaning that you can now get an all new Mimesis Implant set in both mid and low-grade versions, giving a maximum damage multiplier bonus to Triglavian weapons for even more raw firepower from these already formidable weapons. There are also 16 new SKINs in the Firestorm line available!

This new chapter in the Invasion expansion also brings with it other new features too, including Shareable Bookmarks. This new addition allows Capsuleers to share specific locations in New Eden with alliance members and anyone else they choose, with control over access and duration.

Power to the Matari fleet! Good news for fans of the Stabber Fleet Issue Cruiser and Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship, they are getting extra damage bonuses to their rate of fire. Medium Autocannons are also getting an upgrade across the board.

The Typhoon and Bellicose will be enjoying explosion velocity improvements, and the Muninn will be taken down a notch after a long period of fleet domination.

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Placeholder for Mac specific issues, should they arise.

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Not quite first

First :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:

The nested personal bookmarks is absolutely terrible.

Please reconsider this portion. The rest is great.


Love the increase from 13000 to 15000 personal bookmarks… hate the new “5 folders online” limit and “3000 bookmarks per folder” limit… meaning all our old main personal “folders”, if above 3000, can’t be used until you offload enough into other folders now… subfolder counts count against folder limits, etc. etc. ugh.

With the basic version of Mac mini 2018 I can’t barely run the game without going to 90ºC, I fear this temperature is too bad for the Mac mini so I’m considering buying a eGPU to run the game without going to this temperature, or you think it’ll still go to 90ºC with the CPU inside the mac and the eGPu outside the mac with fan ventilation?