November Release: Invasion Chapter 2 - Known Issues

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Invasion Chapter 2

Defenders and offenders of New Eden, the second chapter in the EVE Online - Invasion expansion is now live, and free to download for all players!

With Invasion Chapter 2 comes the introduction of a new Triglavian combat experience, one where you will have to choose between siding with the Empires or the Triglavian Collective in engagements, allowing for two paths through the encounters!

The awesome new Triglavian Dreadnought - the Zirnitra - also makes its bow in this new chapter. This new ship will prove a challenging adversary for Capsuleers, but also a desirable prize for those that can pilot it. There will also be new skills required for piloting the Dreadnought, as well as the monstrous new Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator guns and new ammo for it.

There are updates to the Loyalty Point Store, meaning that you can now get an all new Mimesis Implant set in both mid and low-grade versions, giving a maximum damage multiplier bonus to Triglavian weapons for even more raw firepower from these already formidable weapons. There are also 16 new SKINs in the Firestorm line available!

This new chapter in the Invasion expansion also brings with it other new features too, including Shareable Bookmarks. This new addition allows Capsuleers to share specific locations in New Eden with alliance members and anyone else they choose, with control over access and duration.

Power to the Matari fleet! Good news for fans of the Stabber Fleet Issue Cruiser and Tempest Fleet Issue Battleship, they are getting extra damage bonuses to their rate of fire. Medium Autocannons are also getting an upgrade across the board.

The Typhoon and Bellicose will be enjoying explosion velocity improvements, and the Muninn will be taken down a notch after a long period of fleet domination.


All bookmarks are under 1 single entry in the right click menu.


Known Issues:


  • Journal: LP Award entry for Completing the Empire Dungeon has confusing Description text
  • The Info Panel may disappear when logging out and back in the game during an active Dreadnought Dungeon
  • Overlap may occur on Info Panel when logging out and back in the game during while in the Dreadnought Dungeon
  • Ultratidal Disintegrator damage and tracking too high


  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing is toggled on/off when resizing the window while in space or the hangar
  • Asteroid clouds are smaller than expected
  • Lip Tone selections are indistinct
  • dx9: Triglavian Invasion portal producing shifting RBG effect

User Interface:

  • The name of an offline bookmark folder is not updated, if someone else renames the folder.
  • Shared locations are not visible by default in the map
  • Editing the “Location Administrators” Access List group causes missing labels
  • Inconsistent header in the traits tab of the Zirnitra Information window
  • Create buttons in Locations tab overflow the People & Places window in some languages
  • Bookmark group windows do not update if their parent window is closed

New on 2019-11-28:

  • Bookmarks cannot be moved or copied onto folder or subfolder headers
  • Collapsed and expanded states of location folders and subfolders in People & Places is not persisting
  • The bookmarks panel is failing to load correctly after changing the visibility setting of a folder and restarting the client.

I undocked from jita… could not find my insta undock … was scared to death …


I cannot move a sub-folder from one folder to another, as someone else in the GF topic said as well.

And what is even worse: Locations are now moved directly into a folder, especially shared folders, whereas in the old system they would be copied only. I used this extensively to move bookmarks into corp BM but keep them in my personal BM in case of mistakes taking place. Now I have to press more buttons to keep the same functionality. That’s not acceptable.


Shift+Drag copies instead of moving


can’t open corporation hangar


When I click, or maj click to open new window, nothing happens.

I rent office here.


That’s what I said: I have to do more to have the same. That is not a good UI experience. Not to mention, I can copy between sub-folders by just dragging. So, your UI is broken and it behaves inconsistently.


This is a fair point, thanks for the feedback.


Having created a Bookmark, I can’t find any way to edit its Expiry.


Unfortunately expiry can only be added at creation. You’ll need to remake the bookmark to add expiry.


Another remark on that particular thing: This drag-copying only works like that in shared subfolders. In personal subfolders, I still have to Shift-Click to drag-copy bookmarks around. Would be really nice if I could copy without having to press another button.

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Thanks again. I’ve discussed this with the team and this is actually working as it was before:

  • If you have the access level required to move bookmarks, dragging moves them (and shift+drag copies them)
  • If you don’t have move access (but have copy access), dragging falls back to copying the bookmarks instead of moving
  • If you have neither copy or move access, nothing happens

This will be why you are seeing inconsistencies between different folders with different access levels

All that being said, its clear that this isn’t obvious or and ideal way of doing things, and we’re not super happy with it at this time. We’re going to discuss this and see if theres a cleaner solution. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Clicking and dragging should probably only ever move bookmarks. Shift-dragging for copying is good though.

Right-Click > Copy To Folder… with a list of folders, perhaps.



Why does it tell me to offline a folder if I click on a link to subscribe to one. “Known as” does not really tell me anything.


By the looks of things, you are already connected to this folder and have it online. As such the option presented is contextually “Offline Folder”

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May I suggest this should be reconsidered - when wormholing, bookmarks sometime have to be made in great haste - it’s a case of ‘bm and run’, there often just isn’t time to consider how long it might need to last. I don’t think you can remake the bookmark once you’ve left the system it’s in either, so that suggestion won’t always work.


Yes, that is the case. But if that is the case the button should be grayed out and tell me “Already Subscribed”, not display a different option. If I click on a link to subscribe to something I do not want to remove that thing. If I want to offline a folder, I do that consciously via P&P, not unexpectedly via a Subscribe To button.

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I renamed my “Location administrators” access list to something that works better for me (Bookmark Admins). Except now, every time I save it, a few seconds later it renames itself to;

[no label: Bookmark Admins]

No matter what I rename it to (including the original name) it now always changes to the “no label” version.

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In Zirnitra’s info tab, shouldn’t be there “Precursor Dreadnought bonuses” instead of “Zirnitra bonuses” ?