64-bit Open Beta Feedback Thread

(CCP Falcon) #1

Please use this thread for feedback on the open beta for the 64-bit EVE Online client.

As part of the celebrations around the launch of EVE Online: Invasion, we’re delighted to announce that the opt-in open beta for the 64-bit EVE Online client is now live!

The transition to a 64-bit client is a huge technical milestone in the sixteen-year development history of EVE Online, and we’re super excited to be able to offer this open beta as we finalize testing and development of the new client.

How Do I Provide Feedback?

Part of the reason that we’ve been able to deliver a 64-bit open beta ahead of schedule is due to the incredible support we’ve received from the community during testing on Singularity.

All the bug reporting, discussion and flagging of issues has paid off, so be sure to provide bug reports and information on any issues you encounter.

Here’s a couple of resources that’ll assist you with the EVE Online 64-bit open beta:

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(CCP Falcon) pinned #2
(Kaitenn) #3

no 64 bits

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(Parovozkin Lasombros) #4

Same problem)

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(Honnari Igarashi) #5

Same issue here, no option to run or download the 64bit client. I’ve tried changing version type from beta to release and vice versa and still no luck.

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(Odessima) #6

Mybe try when it has been implemeted after DT.

(Sharcy) #7

Not seeing the option either.

(Kaitenn) #8

is run relaunch multiple time the launcher is up

(Parovozkin Lasombros) #9

actually, DT is already over

(Kaitenn) #10

relaunch launcher again

(Odessima) #11

Some need to restart their Launcher. Once it updates the option is there.

(Honnari Igarashi) #12

DT is over and the update is now live, but there is no option to run 64bit.

(West of West) #13

Working for me, beta release then refresh/quit client

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(Tac Green) #15

Restarting launcher and downloading Beta worked

(Xin Kwai) #16

Same problem here, refreshed and closed/re-started launcher etc…no option to select 64 bit client

(Margrete Vrede) #17

same tried multiple time even rebooted, no luck

(Demetri Slavic) #18

Need to be running beta client not release.

(Peter Drakon) #19

What is the launcher version for those who have the option? Mine is 1501045, and no amount of restart seems to make it work. :frowning:


(CCP Falcon) #20

UPDATE: We’re currently working on a new build of the launcher - option for x64 client will be available for everyone soon :slight_smile:

(Sharcy) #21

I managed to get it by switching the version to Beta and relaunching. But the graphics look low quality now, despite having all the ingame settings the same as before. Should I wait for the launcher fix?