January 2019 Release - Known Issues & Feedback Thread (Mac)


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Please use this thread for feedback and reporting known issues on mac.

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The January release brings a whole host of additions and fixes to the Activity Tracker, as well as new visuals for asteroid depletion, additional account security changes and a whole host of bug fixes, optimizations and improvements to EVE Online.

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This is an ongoing issue not related to this patch but is very Mac specific and I’m not sure where to list it: there is no beta launcher option inside of the launcher window. There’s also the issue of the game window being slightly off center then the game launchers. Both of these have been around for quiet a few months.

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You can access the Beta launcher from the following menu EVE Launcher -> Preferences -> Version Type.
If the Beta option does not appear for you, please submit a bug report and I can take a look. Also note that after changing to Beta you will need to use the “UI Update” button that appears in the left hand menu.

As for the window being off center, I am going to need a bug report for that one so I can get more information, if you can attach pictures of how it looks as the client starts, that would be great.

(Sage Mo) #4

I can definitely submit a bug report. Here’s what I’m talking about: link to screenshot.,

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That is not where I said to get the Beta version, to be fair I maybe should have said menu bar, or whatever mac call it :slight_smile:

You need to use the Menu Bar -> EVE Launcher -> Preferences -> Version Type.

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I believe what he was trying to show there is that “gap”.

I had the same “issue” when I played. It happens when players play in windowed mode on Mac.

This comment scares me. Makes me wonder who at CCP really uses a Mac :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Sage_Mo with the window doing that, there is a modifier key (shift or control) that makes the green dot have a + sign vs the full screen icon. I know it’s a little extra work, but it will generally make the window fill the screen minus the menu bar and dock (only if the dock is always open).

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