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The January release brings a whole host of additions and fixes to the Activity Tracker, as well as new visuals for asteroid depletion, additional account security changes and a whole host of bug fixes, optimizations and improvements to EVE Online.


Not much of a change, IMHO. I mean, it is nice to have bugfixes and stuff, but I see nothing worthy of “Release” title…


Mission details no longer popping up when hovering over Agent Missions icon, only works as static box

‘Open Planetary Commodities Hold’ in the Epithial ship menu does nothing as of this release. Having to go through the Inventory nonsense to get access to the hold.


Remember when CCP Seagull scrapped the two big expansions per year to bring us 8-10 ‘‘expansions’’ per year. Well, here’s your expansion :rofl: wow_its_nothing.jpg


Thanks for the feedback. its seems like unfortunately this is affecting a few different bays, we’re working on a fix for it. For now the keyboard shortcuts also work to make things slightly easier. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I’m afraid I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Which icon are you referring to? The one in the info panel? The Agent’s portrait?

I think the windowed Activity Tracker looks great – any chance the Ship Tree could be opened in a window too?



now THAT would be great!!

how about the New Eden Store?



And still no chat fix…

@CCP_The_Funk The icons above the current location. Before the patch hovering over the Agent Missions icon (with a mission in progress) popped up the mission details box, now this only works as the static box on screen (rather than pop-up)

It appears that “Deliver to structure” from ship holds as a right-click option is missing.

Update: Confirmed by CCP Lebowski that this was removed. You use Open Cargo Deposit on the structure now, then drag into the window.

All releases should be measured by whether they make it more likely that players will undock and shoot each other. Bug fixes are always better than more lipstick on the pig.


IIt’s probably a back end systems fix with the hosted side that need to be sorted most likely or an eventual roll back to the legacy chat and seeing as the dev blog only was dropped last week, it might take a little bit.

Going back to the legacy system is probably going to take some work given they amount of time and code changed since migrating to the new system, assuming it’s an AWS hosted solution or something.

When it’s announced it’s probably going to a major note in the change log, not just a ninja’d “making New Eden a better place” type of notation.

Thank you for letting us know about this. We’ve identified the issue and added it to the known issues thread: January 2019 Release - Known Issues

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guys please do not forget to update the in-game billboard video’s to include all recent submissions.


@Galaxy_Pig in your case, more lipstick is better.

The new asteroid depletion animation is neat, I’ve seen mainly the ice variant and I like it.

It is a pity that “asteroid environment” have not been returned to the Missions and combat complex. :disappointed_relieved::roll_eyes:

I’m sorry, who are you?