January 2018 Release - General Feedback


(CCP Falcon) #1

We’re happy to announce that the January Release has been deployed!

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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The January Release focuses on a number of fixes, as well as Improvements to The Agency and Forward Operating Bases, and a rework of the ammunition reloading system.

This release also includes more work to bring better graphics and textures to deadspace areas in missions, with more updates to textures and shaders on a large number of deadspace objects.

Check out the full patch notes for an in depth look at all the fixes coming with this release!

January 2018 Release - Known Issues & Issue Reporting
January 2018 Release - Known Issues & Issue Reporting (Mac)
Start conversation icon
The Chat Bubble Meltdown: Really Guys?
(CCP Falcon) #2

(Julien Brellier) #3


Escalations now have no information as to which escalation it is, set destination doesn’t work and we have no filter to show just escalations.


Just received a new escalation message, but the site is nowhere to be found in Agency.


(James Tzashi) #4

There needs to be a toggle for the new chat bubble its really annoying and prone to abuse or alternatively allow us to set all chats to compact mode.
The image below shows the problem if you want to show info on someone in local it is too easy to click start conversation instead.

(Lasairiona Raske) #5

Please remove the chat bubble. I really don’t fancy having to set auto-reject because some ding-dong in Jita or whatever thinks it’s cute to mass chat invite everyone in local!

(Count Szadek) #6

The new chat bubble needs to have a toggle, where it doesn’t show up at all. Its too easy to accidentally hit, especially in smaller UI options. a simple check-box in member list settings would work wonders.

(James Tzashi) #7

I would also like to request a way to disable the map in the agency its not necessary to always see the map.

(Rivr Luzade) #8

Why the hell was the channel list icon replaced and moved? Now you have to fish for the tiny section on the edge of the tabs to open the window when it was so much more accessible and easy to find in the icon bar. Furthermore: Thank you for mindlessly removing the easy “click on the speech bubble to open the channel list” and replacing it with “Click on something next to the tabs to open the channel list”. Great work, really great work.

(Julien Brellier) #9

The new dark blue colour of gate guns and npc is very hard to see against a black backdrop (i.e. space)

(Julien Brellier) #10

The “start convo” buttons take up too much space and cover up people’s names.

(Julien Brellier) #11

How the ■■■■ are we supposed to find Research Agents now?

We can’t see them or what their specializations are.

God almighty you’ve wrecked the game

(Algarion Getz) #12

Ermagerd, these patch notes are triggering me!!!

  • Removed unnecessary particle effects from small hybrid rail turrets.
  • Removed particle effects from small hybrid rail turrets.

A duplicate! Where can i file a complaint?

(James Tzashi) #13

pretty sure you can change that in settings

(Count Szadek) #14

Agency is unable to locate R&D Agents. Also with the removal of the Agent Finder, we are not able to search on other regions, only distance from you.

(Drago Shouna) #15

Is there any way to sort by what agent is available/not available to me? Or will we have to click on every single one to find out?

This is rubbish…

I’ll look on this as just another nail in the coffin of my subscription.

(Count Szadek) #16

The last filter option should be where you want, you can select what level agent or “Highest Available” there is no way that you can put multiple of the same filter on (you can’t search for level 3’s that are available to you anymore). Wish they would have kept the agent finder at least until the bugs were gone …

(Kynami Vaille) #17

New interface is garbage. Like literal slower, less useful, half-baked garbage.

Lack of access to R&D agents.
Maximum of 12 displayed agents.
Resource hog of a useless map in the background.

Inability to search for corporation agents within a specific area. This is actually really freaking important for those of us that like to station a jump clone or two in places 30+ jumps out for changing locale for a week while dodging a lazy market hub wardec. Or you know… finding where the 5+ agents in a single station places are to plan where you set your mission staging location.

Inability of the interface to be remotely useful to check on things in normal space while within jspace.

It is clear that this interface is more about looks and dumping new players directly into something to do… but fails to be useful for those of us that want to actually employ some planning.

(Quazided) #18

The removal of the Agent Finder before the Agency version has been updated and improved to show the same results is a disaster. The original Agent Finder was a fast and compact tool, how can the Agency version even be considered an improvement?!?!?!

(Drake Askold) #19

Same trouble with escalations here, i have 2 escalations before DT and 1 after > cant reach it :frowning:

(Paul Brinkhoff) #20

Hey ccp can you please for the love of bob stop makeing the UI of the game worse and worse and worse?