Version 19.01 - General Feedback

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The first monthly update (Version 19.01) is live today, and with it, we enter the new EVE Online Quadrant: Reign. Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released within this version until 9 March.

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I’m sure I’m only seeing this thread now, even though it’s 22h old.

I don’t understand why it is 19.01. We are already in february and there were definitely no updates in january, why this confusing versioning. Why don’t you make patchnotes february 2021 and then it will be clear to everyone in which time frame what was done.

It’s getting more and more confusing with all the dates.

  • Added the possibility to delete (Shift + Del) entries from history in text fields.

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Added new dynamic visuals (camera placement and intersystem tunnel effects) enhancing the overall player experience.

The camera drop after every gate jump is so annoying.

You can now set your Home Station without a Clone Bay service, even while in space, though the 1 year remote restriction still applies.

You mean in upwell structures as well? If not, it’s nothing new and making it look like something new is just plain lying.

Removed the old Clone Bay Service UI as all previous functionality is now in the Character Sheet.

That will become very annoying very quickly because you now need to press more buttons to get the same functionality as, as per your words, not all features are in the same window any more, but several tabs. Moreover, since you keep expanding the header of the Char Sheet randomly, this will also freeze the client regularly because it starts to calculate and update the total wealth every time you open the Char Sheet.


Holy mother of god are these new bookmark icons obnoxious.


" Removed Ancestry choice from the Character Creation."


Seriously? Your customers LIKE backround for character creation! Don’t remove the old content, find some new way to revive it! CCP keeps going on about overhauling the new player experience, but they continually shoot themselves in the foot by removing existing good content and replacing it with shiny new garbage that ignores all the existing game lore and backround. Build on what you have; a lot of us care about stuff like this even though it’s minor.


this is the first patch released in 2 months with any substance and it is all bug fixes and an announcement for another dead meme quadrant

thank you for 18 months of pretty decent content but im glad were getting back to the norm of the last 6 years that is maintenance mode online


I hate this change, so dumb

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Instead of adding new buggy features :slight_smile:



Holy cow, my fleet finder in the old fleet window is full of public fleets. Here was hoping that CCP would not make these garbage bins visible in the actually useful fleet finder and only keep it to the garbage Agency but they outdid themselves again.


The decision making behind removing the ancestry choices would be interesting…
Making the EVE Universe feel like home and removing fluff choices is quite contradictory you know.

Also INCREASING fluff and PvE content could help a lot. especialy getting new players to get affixed to the game and the universe since all the 0sec shenanigans are much…muuuuuuuch too far away for non pro players to be of any consequence for them and to pose a long term incentive


So many man-child complain here, like the second post

For me this update it’s full of positive and no downside ( as long people have braincells to correct use the new fleet tab on the agency )


The checkbox above the fleets should filter out any fleet that is not one of your groups or have public standing requirements at 0 or below.


It’s still full of fleets marked as “public access”.


1 - now i can not bookmark anything that is on the same grid with me.
2 - mother of god, those new icons for bookmarks are just pure cancer. Thank you for denying me ability to distinguish which of those bookmarks belongs to where.


New Icons for bookmarks need to be redone or just put back to how they was.



What the hell have you done to the standings icons on structures?


Hahaha CCPlease revert these icons.


ccp stop doin things nobody wanted.


Is this patch for real? Warp tunnels and a fleet finder so newbies can get ganked by purples now?

I see hi-sec incursions are now getting the chop, can we end this famine patch crap so eve can be less like a job. It’s killing pvp content secondhand with no krabs/miners to hunt anymore. Pearl abyss truly was the worst thing to happen to eve, turning it into a plex cash cow like BDO via killing all forms of money making.


Fleet QoLs, some Home station stuff and new jump animations. This 6 weeks late for the quadrant have been really worth it.

So minor and not so much needed issues like updates and progress in the resource redistribution, scarcitiy and the ecosystem outlook, bounties, ESS updates, botting and such will be for Q2?

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And I still cannot name a JC when I create it. I still have to create it and then click a button again to rename it. This is so good. How can you miss such a nice qol feature when you work on the exact system anyway?