Version 19.02 - General Feedback

Hello there,

Our monthly update (Version 19.02) is live today! Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released in this version. To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling Slow Mode in this thread for a week.

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:heart: That’s a bunch of cool changes!

:heart: :heart: Added an option to disable the Emergency Warp.
:heart: :heart: :heart: Added functionality that, when failing to warp, the ship will now stay aligned and at full speed.


Removed the old bulk data delivery system from the game. It’s gone.

What is this about? Would be nice to know what you removed and how it would improve the experience.

Change default value for music slider in the options from 0.25 to 0.5.

I hope you didn’t change manually adjusted settings.

This was announced last eve vagas, you would have to rewatch that. This is just a by-product of a different change they made.


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  • Reintroduced reinforcement fleets to Triglavian Werposts and EDENCOM GunStars.
    Not quite sure what that means. Is insta podding Steve active again, or what?

  • To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling Slow Mode in this thread for a week.
    First time I see that. New crowd control feature? :stuck_out_tongue:

Added tooltips to the tabs in the Overview that show what presets are being used.

I feel honored by this addition. I made it just a few weeks ago in the Little Things topic and it’s already in the game. Great work. That should really help in a number of instances. :slight_smile:

Added shortcuts to fleet broadcast icons.

What does this mean? Broadcasting already has shortcuts.

Not insta popping, they removed that insta locking a while ago. But by the looks of it, these structures, for some reason, didn’t spawn response fleets anymore. They are pretty much pointless anyway as you can be friends with both Trigs and Edencom, which makes the entire system useless.

You can’t edit your post either. This feature really promotes discussion as I had to wait 15 minutes to post anything.



What a hell you do ?
Kill solo/small-scale and all long formats ?
Dictors jump in 150km from fleet close to enemy ?
GJ, kill game.

Expert Systems offers are a joke. No details, only the price. It’s like buying a pig in a poke.


I really wonder if the devs even play their own game. Fading the in game music in and out every jump converts 30 jumps journeys into a psycho trip. Great Job…

Meanwhile, on route automatic selection of the next gate is fixed, but stations on route are still ignored.


D-scan sound is much better now. Even if still with too long echo/reverberation to my taste.

Have I already said that the forums “slow mode” sucks… No? It sucks!

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Since the update, i cant launch EVE @ my workplace anymore… reinstalled and everything. Error @ blue.dll 0xc0000045.

As previously mentioned: what the ■■■■? You didn’t even include the details of which skills are trained/to what levels on the website for purchasing expert systems? How are players supposed to know that these are worth it relative to their current skill levels without this information? This is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.


Thank you for your appreciation of community accomplishments but I do not support dev time allocation to the building of monuments. I would much rather see more meaningful gameplay changes such as:

1/FW changes
2/Ship balancing
3/Resource redistribution
4/Lowering barriers for new players (remove/shorten the magic 14)
5/Changes to citadel mechanics

Thank you.


there’s an expert systems tab in the character sheet under the character tab.

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Yes, you can see what skills/levels are trained in-game in the Expert Systems tab of the Character Sheet, but the omission of these details from the website is still inexcusable. Not all players are going to be aware of the Expert Systems tab in-game so they might not think to look there. Players might know they want a boost but won’t know if they’re getting their money’s worth without a website description otherwise.


Yeah some further elaboration might be helpful. :smiley:

Is this like the SDE stuff, or a client-server thing, or…

it sounds like triglavian rats (or edencom NPCs) will respond and warp in and try to kill you if you shoot their gate sentries now.

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Now that they’re live, we still don’t have an answer to one of the questions raised here. Specifically: if my friend is trying the game as an alpha, and buys the Mining Barge ES because I can lend him a barge to try out… can he fly it?

Alphas can’t train Mining Barges.

If someone with an Omega account trains Mining Barges, and the account lapses into Alpha, they can’t use that skill, so they still can’t actually fly the barge.

Do Expert Systems circumvent these limitations, or has the newbie spent $3.99 to not be able to fly a Mining Barge?