Version 19.02 - Known Issues

Hello there,

Another monthly update (Version 19.02) is live today! Please use this thread for reporting any issues found in this version.

Quick Info:

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  • Incorrect Icon for Mobile Cynosural Blueprint in Market


  • High CPU usage of minimized clients
  • Cloaked pilots won’t be fleet warped in relative formations
  • Fleet warp at range currently not working

User Interface:

  • Fleet broadcast scope selection button is missing tooltip
  • The show info window for research agents is not loading

Still these persistent gate sounds occasionally. Since this update the gate sounds are even audible inside stations.


Keeping cloaked pilots from being uncloaked by the non-cloaky parts of fleet was the main reason (besides properly spreading out bursts) to even train for the relative formation, IMO…

Optimizing Route with a station destination in your current system deletes the station destination.

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Research Agent data not showing when rclicking name from Communication (via Notification) nor from rclicking them in Journal > Research tab. Bug report sent

Been expecting this :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how much its related to the new patch. one of my toons; has had the client hang 4 times since dt has finished. The screen goes white; and the toon fails to enter warp.

Never had this issue with any toon, but this toon has the issue. Cached file integrity was check and OK. Had 2 other clients running side (jumping in same system) by side with no issue.


What’s up with getting disconnected every 2 minutes with this new patch?


Got some performance issues too, don’t know if it’s network related on if it’s the update.

Massive CPU issues since this patch. Minimized clients don’t reduce CPU usage anywhere near as much as they used to.

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Issue that i assume has been carried over because there is nothing in the path notes regarding it

  • Modules sometimes don’t deactivate after a command to, causing an issue where you can no longer active/deactivate/offline that module - it will remain on whilst jumping through gates, however you will not be able to benefit from the effects of that module (basically, it acts like its offline but you can see the module cycling).
    Ejecting from the ship will not fix it, and will cause you to get locked out of your ship. Screenshot here . Timer only ticks up
  • Relogging/Safelogging does not fix this issue either.
  • Neutralizing the ship does not deactivate the module
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Oh, I noticed something literally yesterday (your modules not deactivating bullet point made me think of this for the first time since it happened)… so don’t know if it’s still possible today after the patch, but…

Docked at a citadel, “undocking” animation was playing despite not clicking it… didn’t undock… was eventually able to trade a ship to someone in the citadel after a session change timer… weird stuff.

Yep - From what i can tell, this has been a known bug for over a year now - currently waiting on a support ticket from CCP so i can get my ship back


btw, didn’t notice the word “dock” in your bullet point list… did you try docking and undocking? might not have worked if going through a stargate didn’t work, but…

if you weren’t in a system where you could have docked, disregard. :wink:

Good luck with the getting the ship back ticket. o7

Sadly i was out on a PVP roam, so i couldn’t dock

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High CPU usage of minimized clients is being investigated.


There’s a loading screen when you jump in a hole now?

That’s not a new behavior - it has been the case for ages. I’m not sure it is actually a bug, either - I think it also eliminates unique station waypoints if you have multiple in one system on your route. Route optimization is meant to reduce the number of jumps needed to go to each of the designated systems, and I suspect it never had any QoL rules configured for multiple stations in a given system. So it could be a case of working as intended, but not meeting user expectations.

Either way, a bug report is the appropriate reporting method, since it isn’t related to the current patch.

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I am seeing high CPU usage as well… four docked toons use 80-100% CPU. :frowning:


Client left on login screen (not minimized) consumes ~20% CPU.

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