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Our monthly update (Version 19.04) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released in this version. To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling 15 mins Slow Mode in this thread for a week.

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Removed standing requirements from Pochven loop gates to increase accessibility to the region. The standing requirements for Home Systems remain the same.

:joy: The struggle was too much for capsuleers to endure. Amazing.

Structures can no longer be transferred from a Corporation with a negative wallet balance.

Interesting. I wonder what FRT will do now.

  • Added “Cancel locking attempt” to radial menu.
  • Added a Fleet Summary tab in the Fleet Composition window allowing users to see how many ships of each type are in the fleet.

Oh neat. More power to the radial menu!

Several items have had their costs lowered, while a few select items will see costs increase.

You know that this thing is called “Patch Notes”, right? Patch Notes are supposed to contain this information and not tell users to go visit the ingame LP store to figure that out.

  • Dscan and probescan panels are now aligned to the right when in fullscreen mode.

Okay. How do I align it to the left again like it was?


Too much … I would have wished they keep the inner systems exclusive for the inhabitants not only home systems, plus free up an inner triangle of border systems.


so for Pochven, does that mean that I can now use the gates in border and internal systems with 0 trig standing?

Which items were changed in the DED LP store?

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That’s it? That’s 3rd Quadrant I’m playing and I saw zero new content.


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New Jita looks great!

And I like the removal of the standing restriction for most Pochven gates, this will make it easier to get into the region as it was a pain to find targets to shoot for triglavian standing without access to the gates.


There is no pop-up window for Daily Campaign button at the top, when you hover your mouse over it.

i know i shuld not expect more but u gona add the same mecanic for the npc misions and epic arks even triglavian incursions ? i mean most of misions have the “plot” in local chat instead of show npc trasmision or something like that

yet again i cant expect more for u since u still refuse to use color palet for ships

Had some problems starting the clients. Shutdown the client, let it update. And launched the game when it was ready. Got continuous ‘game client shutdown unexpectedly’. Even when restarting the launcher the issue remained.
After a reboot this was gone.

My eyes, what you done with launchers colors and windows always transparency
Scan window, hmm i can’t even imagine why you did this


I didnt realize something was broke with teh probe scanner ui that we needed to alter it from the way everyone is used to to something new (and less pleasant). Also, how do i pin my many menus now? The transparent effect of them being pinned is huge and now lost (at least to me). Eve’s menus take up a significant portion of most everyone’s screen and the ability not to have them blocking out visibility and action at critical moments was crucial.


Excellent work once again from the art team on the Jita interior remodelling. 10/10!


Sometimes, erm fairly often in fact, CCP reminds me of a cleaning person who decides for you where you will next put your pencil on your desk and where your pile of papers should be. Changing a whole panel from left to right makes no obvious sense. Someone somewhere made a decision without explanation, on something trivial but with the result that you annoy people ?! So, SMH, and can we please have the option for ourselves to decide if the panel locks left or right ?

But thanks for the “enable/disable light background”, it works fine.


Why on earth would you do this to probe scanning? There is no actual benefit to it, you do this all the time, just mess around with the UI for zero tangible benefit. I sometimes think you only do it to add a quick win to the next release where you allow us to put it back to the place it has always been and that everyone is happy with.

Joke of a company. I love this game in spite of CCP, because they spend 99% of their time trying to grief their own players.


welcome to pochven the new subway of eve.


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Tell the graphics guy that Aura eyes look dead. Should at least glow more or something.

Now the effect is the model looks like its not finished.


Yeah, not sure the standings changes were the right thing, CCP, at most i would have removed standings from border to border jumps and reduced the internal jumps to 2.0, people would and should still be expected to grind some standings to make use of the space, although going by your current plans the next thing will be to lower the station standings requirements because the people you’ve now let in are going to be upset they can’t refit or repair at an NPC station

Spine is a wonderful thing CCP and i genuinely miss when you actually had one :confused: