Version 19.04 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)

Hello there,

Another monthly update (Version 19.04) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting on issues for Mac clients found in this version.

Quick Info:

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User Interface:

  • The “Enable/Disable Light Background” option incorrectly appears on Chat tabs.
  • Chat windows can be empty or unresponsive.
  • Incorrect background image is shown in the Character Selection screen.
  • Solar System Map rotation buttons are overlapped by ship HUD.
  • Lock window functionality doesn’t persist for Fitting window once closed.
  • Probe/Directional Scanner windows are slightly misaligned when docked.

I’m on mac M1 - I cannot physically resize the game window.
I can change the resolution in the settings.
Is there a way (apart from non widowed) to resize the window?


I will try to run some test of my own and see if I can find an answer. I might have one, but haven’t tested it yet.

Edit: I can’t find a way around this issue. The window mode sets at one resolution and there’s no changing it, it seems - at least for the wine version. I could do more on the native trail account.

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the path on mac is “~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/SharedCache/wineenv/drive_c/users//Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/c_tq_tranquility”

I deleted my eve folder inside allocation support. I am hopeful. this will reset my lack of windows.

When you do that - generally the “core” item is the general account settings and the other one is your characters.

I have back ups of one my nicer setups - somewhere.

Yep, backedup to my desktop. Huge folder. I wish there was some kind of documentation, to tell which cache files did what.

I saw that someone is showing how to copy the window layout between characters.

Ah. yes yes…

First - core_char_#### The smaller the number the older the toon
Second - core_user_#### is the account level settings - screen res, graphics etc.

So I think what you are asking for is easier said than done -

1 - find the character you want to copy the windows from
2 - duplicate the file
3 - rename it to the character (number) you want to override.

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