Can't resize game window

just logged back in after a month or so (got busy) and I can’t resize the game window. There is no way to grab the corners any longer and I can’t double click on the title bar to maximize the window … i don’t run in fullscreen mode … anyone else figure out how to change window size??

and when I choose a larger ‘window size’ resolution, it keeps the window the same size and compresses the graphics into it … ?

You most likely have a fixed window size. You will have to change to windowed mode or delete the config file you may have used to set a fixed window size for the client.


I seem to have developed a similar issue that the resolution appears to dictate the window size. That was not the case before. Where is the config file mentioned to be deleted located?

Thanks in advance.

This is not helpful

This is a behaviour change in the game requiring technical editing, please give step by step instructions on how to do these things.

I have had no end of problems since WINE was updated with alt-tab switching and sticky keys (another post).

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