Reverting fixed window mode

In trying to sort my screen resolution I have selected “fixed window mode”.
The client is running I can hear the character selection music, but no visual. Now on my MacBook if I 3 finger swipe to change the screen the image will flash up.
If I right-click on wine preloader in the dock and select show all windows, it appears small in the middle of my screen but as soon as I click it switches back to the desktop. Because of this, I cannot access the settings to change the resolution to back to fullscreen mode.

Currently stuck in no mans land.

Can I post video to the forums?

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Same issue here. Have you found a fix?

Not a perfect solution, but at a minimum, you can use the launcher to assign a different settings profile to your client (or wipe out the default settings and re-create it, which has the same effect) so that the client returns to ‘clean install’ configurations for the display settings. You will lose anything else stored in these settings files, though, so you might make a backup first in case someone comes along with a proper fix for this issue.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. What has worked for me was a clean install of the client after having wiped out Eve entirely from my Mac.

I tried that - didn’t help - still freeze up after leaving station and trying to warp. :frowning:

For what it’s worth, if you are facing this problem you can hit Command+Enter to force the client back into fullscreen mode.

Still annoying that I can’t use Fixed Window though, it would help me use two monitors without the client minimizing everytime. Regular Windowed mode doesn’t let me change resolution (keeps reverting back to 1024x768) so for now, I’m stuck with Fullscreen only.

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