Full screen mode incorrect upon login

Since the patch, when I log in to the game, it comes up full screen, as it should, but with the Windows task bar still showing (and overlapping EVE) at the bottom of the screen. I have to alt-enter twice (to windowed, and back to full screen) to correct the issue. Never seen before the recent patch.

Isn’t “Fixed Window” better? Allows you to alt-tab to a browser or whatever I think. I use it so I can spread across 2 monitors but I seem to remember it was advised to use it anyway (can’t remember where), might be wrong.

I prefer window mode but not fixed window mode.

Since a recent update something strange happens when in window mode. When I am in window mode and click on the EVE client in the taskbar to minimize it, then it minimizes however if I click the taskbar item to raise it again the bottom of the window is smaller by the exact amount of pixels that the window border is. Thus if I click minimize -> raise -> minimize -> raise over and over the window will shrink.

At first this is a minor annoyance but when switching between clients a lot it gets to where I constantly have to fix the window size.

To remedy this for the time being I have used fixed window size but this is not really a fix because I sometimes want to resize a client and then I am unable to.

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