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I have been playing eve off and on for a minute now and had just recently got a second monitor for my pc, my issue is I listen to music browse the internet on my second monitor and every time I click off the game it minimizes itself while in full screen mode. I read online to set it to fixed window so I did but the task bar on the bottom of my screen takes out about a half inch from the game screen. I can’t seem to find a way to resize the game window for this. and I don’t like to play in windowed mode because it take away form the immersive experience eve provides. I mean I guess you could say the same thing about the task bar but I have dark theme so its not that distractive assuming I could find a way for it to stop hiding buttons that is lol. does anyone know of a way to get around this issue?

I play in fixed window with multiple screens and the taskbar is hidden.

from the top of my head what could cause the issue :

  • EVE has a different resolution to your screen
  • The screen you are trying to run EVE on is not set as your main screen in Windows

Edit : Try this section → Issues, Workarounds & Localization - EVE Online Forums
Maybe an ISD can move it for you :slight_smile:

I think this forum section is for gameplay related newbie questions.

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Hey thanks man, yeah you were right. for some reason when i switched form fullscreen to fixed it would change my resolution at the same time and i didn’t notice. weird. works great now though :slight_smile: sorry about the miss post lol


glad it worked out :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if the client could identify that you have more than screen then you could split it into segments. For example it would be nice when you are doing PI that you can also see your ship on the other screen instead of it taking up all the screen.

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What I do for some profiles is have fixed window but to size it first you put in normal window mode and maximize. Then you switch to fixed widow and the size is the same but without the border and top bar.

Fixed window puts itself at whatever size the game portion of the window was before being switched to fixed window. This means you resize in normal window mode then lock it with switching to fixed window.

This means (at least on my computer) that fixed window set this way leaves the game not overlapping with the area that the task bar is at. So I always see the task bar and it doesn’t interfere with gameplay at all. The game has no border or top bar and occupies the entire screen minus the task bar area.

In other profiles I want the game to be fixed at half the vertical portion of the screen. No problem. Switch to normal window, size how I like, then lock on with fixed window.

Create different profiles for different fixed window sizes you like. When you log in with different toons their windows are fixed in the size and location you want on the different screens.

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