2 Screen weirdness

I run a dual monitor set up, with 1 operating at 4k and the other at 1080P.

If I launch a client in windowed mode, the client is black, and I get this weird creeping where the window will slowly shrink. I also here UI Chirps, like I’m moving the cursor over a player’s picture, but no picture appears.

I do not have this issue if I set my 4k monitor to use 1080p resolution.

Anyone run into this and anyone got any tips on how to make this perform better? I prefer windowed as opposed to fixed because I’m often looking at things other than the game, or I will occasionally dock a window on my 4k screen to the far left to leave the right pane open for data, dotlan, zkillboard, intelligence, etc.

Well, that’s a new one.

Yeah, I don’t know what the exact problem is, but you can always try generic troubleshooting tips such as making sure you have the latest graphics card driver installed, deleting the Eve cache folder, uninstall Eve with revo uninstaller and reinstall it, check for GPU overheating, and turn off windows game mode and game bar.

Also, a potential workaround is to run the game in fixed window mode, and then use Kuoro Lucifer’s AutoHotKey script to move the window around.

Anyway, let us know how you managed to fix it. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

Thanks for the help, but yeah I tried all that before posting on the forum.

I did learn something thought. I think it has to do with UI Scaling. So a 4k moniter of course makes the UI super super small, so I was upscaling it from 90% ( which is what I use on my 1080p screen ) to 150%, and then when I moved and set the window, it would freak.

So my solution is, then set my monitor to fill the screen in windowed mode, and then I set the scale to a sensible level, and it seems to work, so long as I don’t try to resize the window.

Some combination of UI Scaling & resizing windowed mode is causing the problem.

My issue with fixed window is it hides the task bar, so while it does work in that mode, it doesn’t quite do what I need, but I figured out the happy compromise above, and it’ gets me mostly there.

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I also use my taskbar on the right hand side, not the bottom, which is why I need windowed, because I need to be able to shave some pixels off the right side. That maybe related, because the window is now slightly under a standard 4k res. It’s a somewhat unusual set uphaha.

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