"Fixed Window" 1440 is not 1440 - resolution HELP

I have two monitors, a 4k monitor and a 1440 monitor.
One client is set to fixed window 3840x2160 with windows scaling at 125%.

On the 1440 monitor, when the client is set to “Fixed Window - 2560x1440” it only takes up a portion of the screen and everything is slightly blurry.

For some reason, changing windows scale from 100% to 125% makes the client fit the screen, but then changing back to 100% keeps the client in “Fixed Window” but the resolution is changed to 3200x1800 and the quality is even worse.

Changing eve client back to 2560x1440 goes back to the original issue.

How can I get the eve client to be “Fixed Window - 2560x1440” and fill up the whole screen and keep windows scale at 100% ??

Intel i7-13700K
Gigabyte Z790 Aero G
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB*
Dell U2718Q (4k)
Dell U2715H (2560x1440

*Latest drivers installed

I have not been able to find a fix for this

My Only Solution is too keep scaling the same in window mode and remember which clients I use on the Smaller screen or it wrecks all your UI

All good right?

No. If I forget to switch the client to the correct screen this happens.

So I switched the 4k client to the smaller screen and it totally destroys the UI scaling.

Like I said I can’t find a Fix for this apart from buying a 2nd 4k moniter.

oh to add, Switching back to 4k on that client will not fix it you need to fix all the UI windows yourself everytime.

Please Ping if someone has a Solution for this.

One temp solution I have found is:

Set the client to “Window Mode” then maximise the window. Click out of the client and then back in and change it to “Fixed Window”. This sets it correctly, taking up the whole screen and no blurring.

But I refuse to do this every time I start the client on the second monitor.

I have the exact same issue. I play off my gaming laptop plugged into my 32" monitor, when I go to play via the main monitor it does exactly this. Its highly annoying and for now im stuck playing on my little laptop screen because I cant handle the half window version!

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CCP can we please get a fix for this ? Havoc broke the ability to create custom resolution when changing from Window to fixed.Running 7 accounts feels awful seeing the windows around each client.

Been having this same issue as well. Glad to know it’s not just me, but also sad that you are also experiencing this issue. For a game that is pretty much built around multi-boxing these days, this seems like a silly bug to persist for this length of time.

CCP, please fix ASAP!