Wrong UI scaling on 1080p monitors when using with a 4K monitor

I have got a new 4K monitor that Eve Online looks great on. The new monitor replaced a 1080p monitor and I am still using another 2 monitors that are 1080p. So 3 monitors in total. But since I started using the new monitor and when I use the game client on either of the other 1080p monitors the Window Size is shown as 2992x1593. Instead of 1920x1080 which is what it should be. The UI tries to scale to but of course there are not enough pixels so all the graphics, text, etc looks like a far too small mess. To try and fix this I have tried setting the UI Scaling to 200%. This makes the graphics the right overall size but they are are blurred.

Is there a setting to change so I can fix this?

I use “Fixed Window”, and then manually set the client resolution to whatever I want.

I don’t know how but this problem has gone away. On the two 1080p monitors the game client now correctly sets the window to 1080p resolution. With the the game client on a 4K monitor using 4K resolution. Weird.

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