(Antibiotic Julian) #1

I use a 4K monitor but unable to play at 4k resolution due to 150% max UI scaling being too small.
I barely can read text, and after 30 minutes eyes hurt.

I think it is long overdue to introduce 175, 200, 225, 250 UI scaling.

Players please support the post if agreed.

CCP please acknowledge.


(Frostys Virpio) #2

According to steam hardware survey from july 2017, everything above 1080p is still around 6%. That’s probably why it’s not done.

Maybe you have more reliable data than that to demonstrate your point tho.

(Antibiotic Julian) #3

general Steam survey is not an accurate reflection of the demand for higher UI.

you dont need 4K monitor to play, tetris.

in order to have accurate figure you would need Eve player base monitor usage.

regardless of the number though, thats where the industry is going, if its not there yet, it will be in a year,
for now CCP can just save my eyes :slight_smile:

(Frostys Virpio) #4

CCP is a business. The numbers ALWAYS matter.

(Yourmoney Mywallet) #5

+1 for 200 scaling.

While we’re at it: decent hi-res textures would be nice - my 2x 1080Ti SLI setup doesn’t even spin up its fans! :frowning_face:

(Intar Medris) #6

Then why does every new game on steam properly support 4K without the need to set the scaling?

(Frostys Virpio) #7

It’s easier to design from scratch for higher res than take the client of a 14 years old game and add it. What your interface is made of can also make a huge difference. Lots of small icons in EVE would look like ■■■■ if you just scaled them bigger. They could not plan for this 14 years ago when the game client was made but brand new games can since they know it’s there.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #8

I might buy that the average eve player has a slightly better setup than the steam survey I don’t think it would be that significantly different though.

That said I support the measure as the Eve UI is well… not so good. The more customization options the better imo. I remember the cheers at fanfest when they showed you could move the HUD, for a long time it was stuck at the bottom of your screen dead center. It seems like one of those things that should have just been allowed for a while at that point.

imo you should be able to move and resize everything, and might as well be able to choose a bigger font size. Heck maybe even a few different layouts for the HUD, having a setup that emphasizes shields or armor, different cap readouts, and different ways to put your modules on the screen.

(Antibiotic Julian) #9

still insist on at least 175x and 200x

(Kasper Skov) #10

Larger UI Scaling needs to be done! 4K monitors with eve look great in space but you cant read â– â– â– â–  on your overview. Get this sorted guys

(Wander Prian) #11

CCP has always updated Eve to keep up with the new gear people get, once there is enough usage to warrant the extra work. 4K is still rare as there aren’t many graphics cards that can run that size of a screen with good frame rates.

(Rain6637) #12

I can kind of agree with this, but your best bet right now is using a third party graphics function (or utility) that will scale your window 200%.

Things like icons in space are actually pixel art, and I think with the current system they need to be re-made at twice their current dimensions in order to work. That’s a lot of labor involved.

(78 Alpha) #13

It’s things like this that the modding community were meant for… If Eve stores settings in a plain text file then you could add in the scaling yourself, sort of, but you might get banned doing that…

(AlienTM) #14

Bought a 32" 4k monitor. thought “hey, i bet eve would look great” its been awhile, payed for a 6 month sub, loaded it up, everything is to small for my old eyes.

oh well, loaded up six months worth of skills. enjoy my donation CCP.

(Dani Murano) #15

Eve is free now. You didn’t think about trying it out first, before paying for 6 month?
No idea how to say it in a nice way. But this was rather stupid…

And numbers do matter. You are not spending hundred of working hours into rescaling the UI and icons just for a handful player.
At least i hope that CCP did learn from their past (cough “captains quarter” and “VR”) so they are not wasting so much time in something, unless it is being used by enough players.

It will or might come, when 4k is more or less standard. Or at least used by enough players.
And as it was already said, it is easier to count in 4k for current and new games as it is for old games. And EVE is old, even when the client is updated more than once to reflect the change in the graphics. But every change on an old client will cost time.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #16

+1 on this, in my later years the ole eyes have begun to go, so bigger UI would be pretty cool.

(Katrina Bekers) #17

Been there, asked that.

Things will change? One can hope… This issue is popping out periodically. I hope sooner rather than later, the numbers will be in our favor.

At least, a larger cursor (like 2x in both directions) shouldn’t be that game-breaker, or insane amount of dev/art work…