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For a long time now I’ve been a multi boxing eve player and have upgraded from 1080 to 2160 to 3840 and there is one thing that bugs me that I think needs to be added.

In 1080 the windows (at the lowest UI Scaleing available ie 90%) are really big and take up a vast majority of the screen, however as you move up in resolution you get bigger and bigger window space and the window scaling seems to get smaller in contrast to further give you more window space.

My question and suggestion is I’m wondering if it was discussed about adding additional reductions to UI Scaling so that 1080 users can benafit from the same UI scale that a 4k user has without having to upgrade. If needed I can post screenshots of comparisons to show you what I mean.

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I’ll mention it to the art team, but I suspect they may be issues with smaller scaling. I know they keep an eye on the options.


Will someone try mention anything about the game going complete free to play or should it not happen?

That isn’t something I’d suggest to ccp


Thanks for the reply, If smaller scaling is available in higher resolutions why wouldn’t it be available in lower. Thats ultimately my confusion. the UI scale stays at 90% but the windows, the text, all of it seems much smaller than 90% on 2160P and even more so than 1080P.

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I think it’s the same size in pixels. It’s just you have many more pixels.

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Lets pray for some insight from the art team.

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Any word yet about adding additional reductions to UI scaling in the escape menu? @Steve_Ronuken

If I had a 4K conversion, then yes, I could totally see this as being a huge deal, getting used to the size of text of the game when first starting out, and then upgrading later and seeing the same text twice as small it makes the game play much more difficult. I have personally experienced this in other games, and it interfered greatly, fortunately there were options to increase scale of UI in those games using 4 levels of scaling.

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