UI: why does everything need to be so big nowadays

devs should stop playing the game on 8k screens.

First they came for the skill window, now it occupies my whole screen estate for some odd reason.

Now we’ve got full size drone icons in the drone window + huge health indicators what absolutely nobody asked for.

Row spacing in the overview was increased, an option to adjust is nowhere to find.

WHY? Not all of us run their eve clients on full 4k or 8k resolutions, pls stop screwing us.


Tell them here and queue yourself into the chorus of likeminded people who are being ignored by CCP.


INB4 mobile client.

Oh this, click the three dots and tick compact mode (something like that, I’m not logged in right now). Goes sorta back to normal.


thanks, at least something =)

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Remember when websites had all the information and links available in one nice compact area that didn’t require scrolling for half an hour past giant images and vast swathes of stylish empty space to get the info you needed? Seems like the interface designers are taking their cue from current trends in web design.


This is how mobile game UI designs look, so, connect the dots I guess.


don’t you guys have phones, or what?? :smile:

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The idea that we should mobile game on 4k+ monitors is a bad one, and the leadership pushing that idea onto Eve should get fired. Either in the traditional sense or from a cannon, both interpretations would work in this unique situation.

Also, changing the UI scaling down to 50% and the issues with the boarders using up waaaay too much space get amplified, making everything worse.


I agree, this is a PC game, not a mini phone game.

If you find something that makes sense for them to do this update and spend their development time on this, instead of something else, DO let me know.

Best I can tell from visiting these forums close to 0 people asked for this change. I’m sure the fan base is stoked.

lol The UI has some flaws that should have never seen release and people have a right to call CCP out on it.


They’re not flaws, it’s just different and snowflakes can’t handle change. It does have some issues that needs working on, that’s not the same.

Besides, one can mention flaws without making it sound like someone killed your puppy and you just learned you have terminal cancer. The reactions (to any change) are completely out if whack.

The old one has way more flaws.


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Like? And how does Photon make it better? Judging by the feedback in the Photon forum, Photon does not make almost anything better than the old UI. It wastes more space, displays less information, Compact also wastes more space and both states require more clicks to do the same things from the existing UI. It is also getting just as inconsistent with the UI features as the existing UI was with buttons not being displayed as buttons and active window parts not being highlighted properly (which the existing UI does better).

It’s not a case of “you need to get used to it because it’s new”. It’s a case of “you need to get used to a worse experience”.


Indeed gone are the days when UIs were about practicality and convenience. Nowadays its all about pimplights and cringy animations - doesn’t do horseshite to improve any experience but all flashy and shiny. Can we have the map made actually usable? No, here have some glowing buttons instead.

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why not create different layouts for different platforms???
We don’t get to see mobile version of web displayed on our regular PC browser, so why do we need to endure mobile Eve layout on PC client??

Lots of cool improvement which, if one actually plays the game, uses it and undocks, would instantly figure out. Nothing massive but nice QoL things like when you rightclick menu and select stations it shows you the ones you have assets at.

So you listen to people whining and automatically accept what they whine about as fact? Like I said, most people are miserable, hate change and will whine about anything. Have you actually TRIED it?

No one really has an issue with that other than people who run 17 accounts, possibly on their 10 year old laptop. Normal people who don’t run an insane amount of clients and have normal screens do fine, they can still whine because they can’t handle change of course.

Yup, but that’s simply adjustment and improvement.

It’s not, if you’re a normal player. It’s actually quite nice.


No. I use my own experiences as fact. Considering that I have found several dozens of things in Photon that are worse than in the existing UI. As I have pointed out in all the feedback topics.

This is the most common complaint about Photon since it was introduced and it has gotten much worse since CCP went opt out. Sure, only 17 accounts. Plus, I play on 2540x1440 and I think this is an issue.

I am a normal player and Photon requires more clicks, more mouse movement, more fiddling with the UI to do my daily activities than the existing UI does.

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name some, specifically.

Define what should “normal” player so in a (seemingly) sandbox game?