Interfaces on Smaller Screens

I just thought I’d give some feedback regarding the new Photon UI.

At the moment I’m still using the old UI. The main reason for this is because I play Eve on a fairly small laptop - it’s a powerful computer but also one with a screen just a bit smaller than 15 inches.

Using the old UI means that I can use a high resolution - currently 3220px X 1932px, at 175%. It’s titchy but I have good eyesight and thanks to the quality of my screen, not a massive problem to see what’s going on.

To save window real estate I can get also the Neocom small against the left hand side of my screen (it’s 5mm wide at the moment) and my windows are currently also pretty compact in regards to font sizes and so on.

As far as I can tell, this kind of set-up isn’t really possible in Photon.

So my plea to the Devs is this:

Please, please don’t pull the option to use the old interface, at least not until you’ve rejigged Photon to allow for a similar set up to the above.

In some ways I’m sure it’d be nice to play on a massive screen, or even two, but for those of us like me who, for one reason or another can’t, being able to use the old UI in a really compact way is vital.




I’d like to add that even for those with bigger screen, it doesn’t mean they are ok with having them filled up with huge half-empty windows
They most likely bought bigger screens so that they could display more info on them