Problems with the new Photon UI (Small screens and wasted space)


my name is Luka Zaharin and I am a PvP player in FW. I play on a gaming laptop with a 15-inch screen and I am very happy with it. After months of refining, my userinterface was perfectly established. The small screen makes it easy to see much information with little eye movement and the game is fun.

Now you change to a new UI, I understand the need for improvement and easyer coding, and since the first tests, Photon improved a lot. It is more compact and more useful than in the beginning and the multiple overviews show great potential.

Nevertheless, there are some things that make using the new UI hard. I waited a long time to post this because I wanted to give you time to change things, but now the old UI is not longer available and so I write you.

Especially the fleetwindow and the probe scanner waste a lot of space. We need no beautiful loosen windows, we need spreadsheets in space.

Fleet window

old fleet

Probe Scanner

old probe

The red circles indicate the places that could, and should, be thinner. The Probe scanner shows only four entries. And the fleet tree is extremly small too. In addition, the orange ovals show clumsy icons. These too, waste a lot of space.

Here are also red circles that show wasted space, we need more information on less screen, not more screen for less information. The yellow oval is a cosmetical point. It looks bad when my overview tabs melt into eachother. I would like to see a smaller letter size in the overview header. The old UI allowed me to see the whole text at the same width.

All these images were made in compact mode with narrow window borders. I did not change any mesures between the old UI shots and the new ones, they are 1:1.

Two more things: first, I cannot see any difference between compact window borders, normal window borders and automatic window borders. Second, all the windows that contain big black spaces, like the skillwindow or the character sheet have strange little white dots in them. This is not important for the gameplay, but in my oppinion it is quite ugly.

Thank you for your time, I hope some of my remarks find an open ear. I understand that change is necessary to keep the game alive, but some things are simply unpractical in daily use.

Fly safe,

Luka Zaharin

P.S. I am not a native english speaker, please excuse my unskilful expressions.

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All very good points. Just don’t let Brisc Rubal see this, or he’ll tell you that these issues are all “laundry issues”, imaginary, don’t exist and that everything is awesome.

i¨ve played in a lenovo legion 3070gtx 2k. I say “played” because photon ui ruined my eve experience. Experience that stars in 2013.
My decision is simply i¨ll wait 2 weeks if in 2 weeks old ui domt return, i´ll delete eve in my laptop.

Phoyon ui? no whith my money sir

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