UI needs to be thinner. its too bulky

just compare old vs new.
the old one’s borders and icons etc are so much smaller.
eve’s UI is already too cluttered, making the windows bloated is only eating screen realestate


I haven’t tried the new UI, but if it’s anything like the new skills menu, it was obviously coded for a mobile touch-screen and not a PC.

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I agree, too bloated. Bloated is the right word. Even with compact mode there is comparatively less information given for the amount of space a window takes up

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I agree.
Bloated is the word - too much space is uselessly lost - around windows, between lines of text, text font, generally bloated.
I just tried it and found that it is made for bigger monitors than mine - and my monitor size (21.5") is chosen for convenience, I don’t want too much head movement. If I scale the UI to 90% letters become absolutely tiny. Also, the old UI is just abandoned - bugs are fixed only for photon and new features appear only on photon. The old UI also is becoming more and more laggy with each week, but photon is fast…


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