Really big fonts, padding

While I tested this for few hours, I disabled it for mainly some reasons:

  • Eve is a game that has a lot of information and each window has to be sized according to our needs, but this cant be achieved with actual settings. Take the compression window example. Around 30% is title and spacing, other 1/3 just for cancel button and 10% for actual usage.
    This clearly needs a change and input/output space should be at least 50-60% of total space

  • I remember when we could make fonts smaller (Small in settings are not small enough), but, for my perspective, fonts should have more adjustable options and be smaller. Something is going with the UI team that want things bigger but this is clearly not a good approach, at least for me (Please make the navigation panel smaller, not bigger).

  • Window borders should have something visible for moving/resizing purposes

These are my 4h concerns with this new UI option. I really hope that these can be discussed for a better gameplay experience


instead of making an own topic, I wholeheartedly agree to the OP.

The borders, or lets say the “unused space” is too much in the new UI. We need slim windows that offer much space for information and the option to adjust font size.

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Yeah. I’m sorry to say that the Photon UI, as it currently stands, does not make good use of available screen space. Especially if you’re using a relatively low resolution monitor. I couldn’t take it for long, had to disable Photon as the old UI was much better.


I agree too. Not all people use 4K monitors. Possibility to set font size for window titles etc is necessary


+1 to that: it needs to be lean. the location window title takes up as much space as a module rack.

I like how chat windows can now be shrunk down to just the member list but the text input only being able to be scaled down to about three times its previous size bothers me.

I tend to have 4 separate chat windows open, corp, alliance, intel, and local (with local squished down to just a member list) so I’m now losing valuable room for an oversized text input.

I don’t so much mind player names being a bit bigger as standings and such are so much more readable but having a box at the bottom of the window that is 3-4 times as thick as a player name seems a bit much. If anything set the minimum size to match the selected chat font size + a small amount of padding.

ditto this, I have a 1080p monitor and the new interface makes it completely unusable!

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