Photon UI needs to much space

give a option to shrink everything
for me its like 30% to big
a “small” option would be handy

dont get me wrong the UI itself is nice and i like it but it uses to much space
its the same like the old neocom menu bar
it was possible to have it smaller in the past




Exactly, the UI in general looks good but it’s using up so much space to display less information.

Especially those window top bar titles, like the inventory window. Why is there a huge section of black space at the top that says INVENTORY. I don’t need it to tell me that.

Then going down there is an expanded area of labels and the storage usage percentage bar, all taking up so much more space. The same applies for most of the other windows.

The top title bar of the Skills window is a more suitable size imo. If Photon UI can add in the new aesthetic changes without such significant decrease of space utilization, then it would be perfect.

Perhaps a “small option” as you have suggested would be good.


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