Glaring Issues with Photon UI

“Saved Locations in XXX”
My menu now has half as much space as it did before for showing bookmarks (3, instead of 7), forcing me to either scroll through a (Possibly) very long list, or resize the window.
Saved Locations png

Why is the title bar 1.3cm thick??? The average user is running 1920x1080, we don’t need a super thick black bar to tell us “Hey this is your inventory”. The compact mode doesn’t even help because you can no longer access other ships/hangers/containers with compact mode active. I used to have 3 full rows of images (because I’m crazy and use the icons inventory filter) and now I only have two. That’s 1/3rd missing information requiring me to change the window size.

The compact mode actually saves this one, we don’t need more empty space, let us condense menus without losing information.

With the changes to the sizing, all of my tabs now overlay each other. I have half the M blurred out on “Combat” before getting “Ta” of “Target”. Why are they all arbitrarily bigger now?

What benefit does any of this give us? I have been running the game at 90% scaling for three years, waiting for the day when CCP grants us 80% or lower scaling. The game already had the option to increase scaling above 100% for those who needed it, but with the UI changes, I am forced to rescale all my windows, leaving me with, what 30% of my screen not covered by menus I need to have open 24/7?

The change in text font and clarity I enjoy, as well as the smaller changes, but disrupting my muscle memory and how much visible space I have left on my monitor isn’t worth running the new UI for, I think either giving us more useful compact options (Such as one for the Overview? A better one for Inventory that doesn’t fully remove Hangers/Containers) would be how to fix this. Because I don’t needhalf of my saved locations window to be saying “SAVED LOCATIONS” at me, I already know it’s there.


I agree. It’s a good-looking UI and very functional but takes too much of the screen for showing information that was available for half the space that other UI took.

Again, I agree. The windows headers are way too thick and the font looks like it’s 110% while it’s actually 90%.
Do the devs who work on that have myopia? I mean it’s nice to be able to close a window without clicking 5 times on the X but it shouldn’t affect the font size.

@Ruby_Vukovic Good O.P.
Thanks. Hopefully CCP reads your post and corrects all that.

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