Too Big

It just takes too much screen real estate. I value my screen space over almost everything else. This was obviously not taken into account with the new styling. Everything was square and compact with the old one.


Mind replacing some of those pronouns and implied pronouns with what the actual things are?

Are you talking abut a ship model in eve, or your monitor on your desk in your house? It’s difficult to figure out what exactly you are referring to with your comments.

If you click the 3 dots “more” there is a compact mode.

as stated wayyy to big
look at much waste is between top of inventory box and just starting to see the item icons…OMG

gawd awful big…this circled section is GI-normous and unnecessary

and i dont want to lose quick easy access to the bay/hold options by going into compact mode…
How about one of them little “^” arrows to collapse/expand that section?

Look at all this waste of space showing redundent information…totally unneccessary. the tax rate can be moved down [see arrow] the boxed area in red can be removed completely. Absolutely no reason the same information needs to be repeated twice stacked on top another

-only information anyone cares about here is what’s inside that they want transfer or haul out.

  • also graphics error where boxes hang outside customs window [see arrows to right]

-more waste of space -limiting the view of whats actually important

this really needs be addressed

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yeah but compact should not mean you lose all the available intel and options within the -in this case- inventory window

True, would be cool if they added a little bar on the left for Hanger / fleet hanger / drones / cargo containers you have in your ship and so on but inside that same compact mode size.

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The topic is the new ui.

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Yeah I was hoping that this would enable us to have more on the screen without it looking so cluttered, but it seems to take up more than the old one did. Do we really need a close button thats 5 times bigger than the old one? Did people have a hard time clicking it? If there is a way to streamline windows and make them more compact while showing the same information, imo, thats the direction to go in.


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