Using Photon UI Id like to see how much space is used in my cargohold

As it stands I need to hover the cargo bar to see how much space is being used. Being a bit more specific, Id like to see how much is being used without having to hover it.

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That#s simple: Be like Brisc Rubal and just don’t use compact mode. You don’t have to use compact mode everywhere you know?

yeah, setting compact mode as default and then switching the hangar windows back is right now the best workaround.

Still the new GUI should have an option to just look exactly like the old one. It doesn’t need to be the old one, it doesn’t need to have the old code, it just needs to look and behave like the old one.


I’d be happy if it had the same look and behavior across all windows, in space, in PI, and while docked. The current photon is a slurry of different fonts and behaviours for each window, and vastly different between each of the main gameplay states (docked, in space).

opening and closing windows have different locations of the menu items to close or resize the window, different font sizes EVERYWHERE, and the windows reverting font sizes back to “default” instead of saving changes when you dock and undoock…

“look and behave like the old one” is a bridge way off in the distance compared to the number of issues that they have now.

I set it by default as I liked how it looked with other windows, I didn’t know switching from normal to compact would reduce the amount of info I get on a screen. However, think this from a new players perspective, they like how compact looks and set is up just like I did.

How is he, going to know that its compact modes, fault? People are going to use compact mode assuming they will have the same amount of info before and after turning it on.


When you click the window options (three dots vertical) you can disable the compact for that specific window - and get all your info back. Most windows have a normal/compact option, so you can set them to your preference. Ironically, there isn’t even any visible difference between compact and “normal” mode for this particular window except for that silly bar.

Very much this. Compact mode should not mean “less info”. It should mean “less wasted blanc space”.


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