Photon UI Feedback

Hi! I have some feedback for the new Photon UI. In most ways it is better than the old UI (or at least the same) but there are a few issues and ways in which it is worse:

*All screenshots are with compact mode enabled on all windows and margin sizes set to compact.

  1. Margin sizes and spacing are causing windows to be larger than the old UI and display less information, even in compact mode with margin sizes on compact. Here is an example using the drone window:

Compact mode:

This is the smallest I can make the drone window and it is still larger than the old UI window (I know this because it now covers parts of my modules whereas before it did not).

Examples of the wasted space in margins:

There’s even some wasted space in the spacing between words (admittedly very little but it adds up):

Example in the overview (which now fits fewer columns than before due to this increased spacing):

This type of wasted space in the margins can be found all over the new UI but it is most obvious (and annoying) in the windows like drones and overview where you just want the bare information in the smallest window size possible. Save screen space to see more beautiful space!

Also while we are on the topic of the drone window there is this icon which should be made optional or removed entirely when in compact mode (let me know if I’ve somehow missed this setting) EDIT: Someone pointed out below that you can get rid of it by selecting “list view” under the three dots.

  1. Allow us to change the title sizes on the overview tabs and chat window because as it stands they are too big compared to the text below them causing wasted space (let me know if there is already a way to do this)


  1. The icons in the selected item window are sometimes obscured depending on the length of the window:

  2. Please reintroduce more color schemes and make the current ones more distinct from one another so we can properly roleplay the various pirate factions (and distinguish our alts from one another) :slight_smile:

  3. Many people are complaining about the new system security colors probably because they do not know how to use custom colors in the “color blind mode” settings. I suggest to change the heading in this section to something that makes it clear to people they can use custom colors. Maybe “Custom Colors” or “Color Blind Mode/Custom Colors”:

Thanks for taking our feedback!


Under the three dots, there’s a setting to change the view to List view. But you are right, when you enable Compact mode, this should happen automatically.


Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll edit the post to reflect that.

CCPlease turn back the old good UI and make the use of photon as option, it is absolutely disgusting. Also the color gammut is so awfull, those new colours… Just turn everything back. Stop killing EVE!


more thatn 95% of people talking about photon ui is because they dont like the new ui. Interesting

Join the Anti Photon UI EVE Global Strike! Cancel the Omega subscription unless they let us choose whenever we want to use old or new UI as done with the map!


I actually think the new UI is a step in the right direction, especially if it allows them to bring more functionality in the future (such as the micro widgets coming soon).

That being said, they need to address the size and spacing issues since those are the most glaring ways in which it is still objectively worse than the old UI.

Another piece of feedback for CCP: many people are complaining about the new system security colors without knowing that they can be changed to custom colors in the “colorblind mode” settings. Maybe you could change that header to: “Custom Colors” or “Color Blind Mode/Custom Colors” so that people are more aware of the option to use custom colors for their system security.

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There’s more to it than “don’t like”. Think of you don’t like certain trash bags because they rip open as you are walking to the dumpter — that’s not “dislike” as in personal preference, that’s dislike due to the item doing a bad job at what it is suposed to do.

Unfortunately, so many people write off legitimate criticism as “they just don’t like it” and ignore the aspects that are identifed to have issues.


its because complaining is all they do

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Скриншот 16-02-2023 094131

Is it new and good that Photon gives?

Special thanks to CCP for the new content. Correction of interface settings on 8 characters. It was the most exciting hour and a half of my life.

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Here is another example of fat margins wasting space, this time in the overview:

Take note of where the words are cut off. There is so much wasted margin space that I can’t display another tab (even a small one like the velocity tab) like I used to without making the overview bigger. Yes there is the “small fonts” option but even with that there is still so much wasted space and we shouldn’t have to squint at our overview just to fit the same information we used to!

This is with compact mode and compact margins enabled.

And we are supposed to pay for Omega after what they have done with so called “update” ? Really?

Give us back old UI! Stop killing EVE! Hands off from New Eden perverts!

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Inconsistency of symbols

Screenshot by Lightshot This is in a station when you look @guests
Screenshot by Lightshot That’s in normal chats , anchored in the right corner .

Intentionally or why ?

Can you make certain color modes not have dark grey text in the locations window, when in space? It’s hard to read.

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