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I gave this a solid try and looked at everything I could. There is really only one thing I like about it, I can see the edges of windows better. Other than that its just too big, things are less consistent (No one wanted the new skill/character sheets as I recall and I still cant stand either. Making the rest of the UI like that is a horrible idea, please don’t.
It almost looks good until I start to use it and realize how much screen real estate its eaten and that its basically just a kludge of “lets move things around and make more buttons and menus when no one needs them”.
It took quite a while after turning back off (forever) to get my UI back to the way I want it and now things I am used to being open in the way I left them are not, a good example of this is bookmark folders being closed when I log in or undock. I depend on those to survive, especially since I log in and out while I’m in space.
It would be nice to have (MUCH) better visibility but this isn’t the way to go about it in my opinion, and I seriously hope its not forced on us like the character sheet and that abomination the skill window.

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You have to “enable compact mode” on all windows to make it worth

But with compact mode, you lose a lot of utility. I now have to right-click to stack my cargo to update it after I dropped lots of items into space (which I do regularly for specific reasons). Before Photon, I could just press a button in the window, and the window was more compact than Photon compact in the first place. You also lose the search field if you stack hangars into a window stack.

Compact Mode is not the solution to many problems that Photon specifically creates compared to the old UI. There is so much more bad compromise necessary than with the old UI because of inexplicable and outright usage hostile design decisions.

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I could not in station where it matters to me. In space I don’t care.
Now it’s more compact in photon compact mode.

Then don’t use a window stack ?
Yes using photon makes you change your screen. I find it worth it in the end.

Be more specific and list the issues. Because saying “there are issues” won’t help and will lead us nowhere.
Save your time, be factual.

I agree there are issues but I also was amazed by how fast they reacted to my report of issue

And waste even more space. I use window stacks so that my UI is as compact as I can get it. As said, more bad compromises necessary with Photon than before. That’s not worth it at all.


More than enough issues that Photon created specifically.

Yes, and it shows. The implementation of the feature is lackluster because the search box disappears when you make your window too narrow and when you stack it to save space. Neither happened at all in the old UI and it was more compact than Photon in compact.

It is true, however, that they reacted very quickly to a number of issues this time. I hope they do that all the time from now on. And I hope they fix issues they missed (like the column sorting arrow still facing the wrong direction in the probe window although they fixed that in the overview).

In general I find Photon UI to be a great improvement over the old U.I. Now dealing with the UI is so much easier!

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UI ? AI ? WTF ?

Thanks. I keep writing AI for UI, go figure… Of course, this is a thread about U.I so obviously it couldn’t be A.I that I meant to write.


I did that, and it doesn’t really work and simply isn’t enough

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