Um, Lots of problems

First, It always resets my overview back to stock every time I log. Second, the chat window never keeps the dark background setting. Third, the I can’t seem to keep my chat channels and it always resets back to an earlier set of channels. Fourth, and this one is killer, I try to disable photon, restart, and guess what…still in photon!

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I realized that I couldn’t think of one thing Photon does better, I can only think of problems. So I reverted back, and I still can’t identify one single way that Photon is an improvement. I’d be curious to hear what CCP feels the difference is.


I also reverted back within one minute of seeing it pushed on. Very much waste of on-screen space. Puffy icons and contours. Makes EVE look like a kiddy game, takes away from it’s bleak-techno flair.
Photon is opposed to the essence of EVE and it is also inefficient. I don’t know who could have thought about it and who thought it was a good idea and pushed it into development.

I’m going to revert it back too. It’s not at all anyway an improvement over what there previously was.

you must note its still in development…

It has been for over a year but it has not gotten noticeably better. In almost every area that it touches. The only window that has gotten somewhat better (still a total waste of space) is the Drone window – and CCP had to invest weeks into that tiny little UI element to turn it from a trainwreck into a somewhat useful UI feature.

The old UI is more compact, better at displaying info, better at displaying text, better at customization, better at not hiding Info you want to see in compact mode and easier to use. Photon is just all around worse.

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I don’t mind having a consistent good looking user interface for the future.

I think compared to the first version there are a lot of improvements and only little things to fix

But I agree, it’s no real improvement. First thing disable all light mode, to actually see what’s happening, enable as much compact mode as possible and it’s almost like the old one with some weird bugs and questionable design choices :smiley:

But it’s not about me, it’s about everybody giving eve a try in the future :slight_smile:

EDIT: Who knows… in 10 years everybody might be using 4k monitors and the old UI would probably look pretty shitty and would need an update by that time for sure :smiley:

I tried Photon the first time it came out, gave some feedback.

After opt-in switched for opt-out I tried Photon again and noticed that my main issue with Photon hasn’t been addressed yet (compact windows have been added since but everything is still less compact than the UI used to be, especially vertical spacing) and I’m feeling annoyed about all kinds of things when I’m playing with Photon UI on, from asymmetric and too-bright character standings in chat to buttons that are almost aligned and a lot of other small stuff, so I switched back again as well.

Asymmetric standings:

Buttons almost aligned:

Undock button should be much bigger and more visible than a situational button like the corvette button, not like this. The old UI did it better: the undock button is bigger and more visible in yellow than the other (very situational) buttons around it.

It just bothers me too much, this and many other small things in the Photon UI that are all worse instead of better than in the old UI. And I don’t play games to be annoyed.

It seems like you may be suffering from a form of autism. Are you aware of that? And always bare in mind that this is just a game.

Thanks, I’m aware.

And yes, I know it’s just game and therefore don’t waste too much time being annoyed by it. Instead, I turned Photon UI off, again, posted my feedback in the forum that is intended for such feedback and play other games that don’t annoy me.

What other games do you play?

Played a bunch of Warframe over the summer whenever I wasn’t playing EVE. And more recently I gave Albion a try, which is a lot of fun.

I also played Warframe. Tons of fun but somehow I got burnt out and forgot about it. Actually amazing how one game can be so much fun and entertaining but yet unable to hold a player. And another game - EVE - can be so dull and boring yet hold on to a whole comunity.

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Warframe may also be a space game but it’s a bit the opposite of EVE.

Hidden talk about Warframe, not really relevant to the thread but I typed it so I might as well post it...

Warframe is a lot of mindless grinding to progress, a game UI that always tells you what things to do, smooth intuitive combat, players being pushed into squads with random players and pushed into guilds to unlock stuff. EVE on the other hand progresses automatically over time, doesn’t tell you what to do, combat requires a lot more thinking than reaction, and if you want to group up with other players you have to put in a little effort.

Both have their upsides and downsides. Warframes gameplay works really well to casually spend a lot of hours, but the endless stream of goals in the game manages to push players too much and burn you out, at least that’s what it does for me every time I play it for a couple of weeks and I see I’m not alone.

Pushing people into groups also accomplishes the opposite for the social cohesion, which is nonexistent compared to the groups in EVE in my experience.

Luckly the smooth combat and creativity in builds makes it a fun game, from time to time.

But since this is a Photon UI feedback thread, let me post another piece of feedback:

Tab names in the overview take way too much space. A lot more could be readable of these names, if the UI didn’t waste space:

Wasting space seems to be a common theme of the Photon UI.

If there was an option to “use compact windows by default”, it’d be nice - I actually do like the feel of Photon, though it’s obviously still a WIP.

What does bad UI design and design quality have to do with autism?

Why should a new UI be bad and worse than an existing UI because it is “just a game”?

Just because your standards for quality are worse than that of a sewer rat fighting for a slice of pizza does not mean everyone has autism who find obvious flaws, bugs and outright bad quality. It is much more likely that these people are, in contrast to you, much more interested in having a game that is playable, enjoyable and doesn’t make objectively bad compromises to shoehorn a bad UI into the game that makes almost everything worse than the old UI.

The tag asymmetry is not only an issue for the standing tags. The tech level tags on ships and modules are also asymmetric and also blurry. This has been an issue for many months and it spilled over into the old UI for just as long, and CCP has not acknowledged or commented on it, let alone tried to fix it for just as long.

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