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Our monthly update Version 21.02 is live! Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

Feel free to post any feedback you have in this thread.

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Added a light background toggle option to the right-click context menu for the NeoCom.

Increased the density of the chat member list further when the “Show Compact Member List” option is enabled.

Tweaked the layout of the Trade window.

The Compact Mode of the Log and Messages window is a bit more compact now.

The size of loading spinners has been tweaked in a handful of places to prevent them from overlapping other content.

The same text colors are now used for transactions in the different tabs of the Wallet window.

The sort column text in tables is no longer horizontally cut off when the text wraps to multiple lines.

Need the :handshake:

:handshake: Drones can now be dragged via their health bar again.

Lovely improvement to the so far only good UI element of Photon. Much appreciated.

Added a light background toggle option to the right-click context menu for the NeoCom.

That one’s also very nice. Now I can have more granular transparency settings for other Light Background elements again. Great. Looks like Brisk’s idea of “laundry issues” was expectedly way off. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Increased the density of the chat member list further when the “Show Compact Member List” option is enabled.

Also very nice. More users than before in the old UI are possible now. That’s an actual improvement that gives Photon more reason for its existence. Good to see.

Now, since it works here without issues, it would be super nice if the same level of compactness could be applied to all the other UI elements – without losing any of the functionality that was present in the old UI. That would make Compact Photon a much better UI experience, one that EVE deserves.


Joining Factional warfare without leaving my Corp when? thought we would get that today ffs…


Give me the ability to opt out of photon ui please. Its currently still worse than the old ui in terms of usability.


T1 if you divide the year in 4 that means end of march.

Also funny that people knew about the increase module prices of capital industrial core 2 weeks ago already.

Cough cough.

Yea pls let me turn Photon of.
All my windows are a medium gray flat square with text.
There are even no more lines to devide columns.
It looks like a firefox browser now.

And is it necessary that the chat-cursor needs to glow???


It looks infantile and boring.


Where is opt out of photon ui? dont make me use this xbox looking crap!


■■■■ the new UI.


The selected tab underline now animates when a new tab is selected. A faint line was also added underneath all tab groups to improve the visual grouping of tabs.

That animation is pointless. What is a line sliding to another tab supposed to tell me? I know that I switched tabs from the bright underline anyway. A much better way to tell people what tab is active would be the old UI’s tab filling effect and the tab-filling blink for new content in tabs. Photon does a really poor job at highlighting activity in tabs.

I also don’t see any line under tab groups. Where is this line supposed to be?


Why did you delete Photon UI opt-out from the settings ?
Photon is still having tons of problems and that’s why there are people stick up for old UIs.
It’s still bullshits even if you force all the players to use it. Making photon mandatory doesn’t solve any problems Photon has.

Stop this disservice.


Thank you CCP for fixing mouse wheel scrolling in the inventory window. That was a test of patience.

Any chance that compact mode can be made available for the notepad? The huge title bar looks off and I keep mine open all the time, so it looks off ALL THE TIME.



OldUI matter


this UI its gonna give me a seizure, its bad very very bad, my head hurts after 20 minutes in game


Phroton still has too much padding


Has any of you ever played the game ui teams, huh ?
I believe no because you guys don’t find any problems in this window, kek.


Guys, the CCP mobile UX design interns and marketing executive supervisors worked very hard for a long time to bring you these improved control scheme visuals, so please consider their feelings before disparaging Photon with such harsh remarks.


Welcome to Borderland.


I’d like to request that PLEX for GOOD be made permanent with selectable charity recipient. This way I could terminate my last account in a meaningful way.


Please bring back the option to disable this Photon UI. It’s simply horrible to use and look. Apart from the mobile space-wasting look, theres so many bugs / missing features:

  • No compact mode for some windows (compression for example), and it’s not compact compared to old even on those that have it
    -Drag&Drop often fails to work and sometimes doesnt stack items moved on top of existing stack (best guess, the game sometimes has to wait for the fancy highlighted icon effect to appear before it recognises the action)
    -Drone window is borked, it somehow blocks itself and still doesnt have room to show drones in space in the screen-space it took previously.
    -Etc etc


Whatever the other faults of photon, and they are too many to mention, why the hell are we stuck with boxes of nothing around the little mini windows like some cheap toytown UI? Please free up some space on our screens…