First glaring personal "issue" - Initial Feedback

Let me start by just saying overall i love the general aesthetic of this UI it looks really good and a lot “cooler” however i found myself disabling it within 30 minutes of starting due mainly to the headers on certain boxes , an example would be the “active ship” tab it feels like theres an entire segment devoted to just the word Active ship and then a big empty space before some button on the other side and this is taking up vertical space on the box limiting my ability to keep a somewhat compact inventory open for my ship , I run on 90% UI scaling normally with medium text (small was used while on photon which i found actually usable unlike small on the standard UI which feels good however i usually have my UI able to show roughly 2 rows of 5 items in a neat compact box in the corner of my screen with a chat box attached to the top and drones to the side and still have enough space to not overlap with my ships navigation/cargo buttons etc with this i can only just really fit 1 row with a little excess showing without taking up a large portion of my UI, While i know i dont run the best aspect ratio of monitors compared to some on the market these days I feel its still a valid concern since its something that the standard UI can do , some of the text on the line below Active ship for example could be shifted up onto the same row or make more of the buttons for settings on tabs be on a column menu with sub sections if needed rather than having what feels like 2 rows both with Text and buttons instead of 1 row with 2 segments of text and 1 to 2 collapable menus with settings that could take up close or atleast only 3/4 of the space they currently demand

CCP has historically created extra windows and context menus when they really arent necessary. any miner could tell you that having a container, a fleet hanger, an active ship window and an inventory window and now a compression window is spending more time stacking windows or closing them than they are mining at times.
It isnt clear why we need all these variants or why text elements are not sequenced the same between some windows. it appears that developers worked in silos rather than coordinating.
good luck in your quest for improvement

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