First Day of Photon UI

So I learned about this yesterday and turned it on and I first want to say that it is FANTASTIC!

I am very excited about it and even with a few problems that I have found, I can not bring myself to turn it off, the game feels so much better and I now hate the look of the old ui now lol.

Thank you CCP for the work on this and I know we have all got our own opinions, but in my opinion, this is certainly something worth spending developing time on.

Now I have ran i to some issues so far, after the first day that I am going to list out, and I am going to look into proper reporting of these issues, I am sure this is not necessarily the place.

  • Chat tabs not blinking for new messages, even after right clicking it and making sure it is set to blink on, and these are tabs not currently selected.

  • In the fitting window, the circle around the ship is so large that it partially covers some buttons, the three on the left for inventory, ship fittings and skins, and the button on the right to show ship stats.

  • There are some buttons unnecessarily large, for example, the clear history button in the fleet history window, this large button serves no purpose other than making you have one less row in the broadcast history.

  • Title bars on windows, so the tabs and title bars are a bit bigger than the old, and therefore each window takes up more space, but they do look nice! This bugged me a bit at first and now I have quickly decided I would rather give up some space for larger, easier to read tabs. I am getting old though and this should be able to be modified in the settings. Maybe a option for font size within windows and font size for title bars and tabs.

Another issue in this area, is the ship inventory window, so like, the inventory looks really good, but it appears to have much less room, between the header bar of the window and it looks to have a fatter capacity bar. I can live with how it is, but some options for maximizing space with this cool looking new UI are definitely going to be needed I think.

  • Last issue, I normally run three clients at a time, yesterday when I turned this on for all three clients, I experienced FPS lag spurts several times, I closed one client and did not experience it again. I am not for sure at the moment if it was a memory issue or what, but going to look into this more.

Now I want to point out some good things. Everything looks and feels amazing.

  • Standings icons in member lists look great, I do not think I can bear the old ones anymore, they are fat and colorful.

  • Window backgrounds (after turning blur off) look great, this makes the game feel much more modern, love the color line for selected window and selected tab.

  • Right click menus look great, the new icons next to some options look great as well.

  • Inventory looks way better than before, another point that I do not want to use the old ui ever again, love how it looks when you select or mouse over items.

Couple of quick updates,

It appears that the fitting window was fixed, where I pointed out that the ship and circle around it was too big and covering some buttons.

Also I have yet to have another FPS issue, it may have not been related to eve and something else just happen to be going on at the time that I had swapped to the UI. However someone else swapped to the UI as well and experienced some FPS issues, but maybe it was fixed. Not sure what was going on there.

I have also found a new issue (I know this is new and being worked on, just wanted to point out new info on last two things and something new I ran across.

  • When magnifying on corp and alliance logos, it does not fit on window and expands off of it.

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