Suggestions for the new UI

Good morning and ty for making the Photon UI more usable, here are some of my tips to make it even better:

-Selected Item window be locked to any size the player decides: This specific window when resized it enlarges itself depending on the target selected.

-Selected Item window icons be bigger: Would be better to click in larger icons instead of 4x4 pixels icons.

-Full recoloring options: Loved the fact now Photon colors fits the ships you are using, but the whole windows themselves could be optional for recoloring as well.

-No size limit for any window/section: I don’t have a trillion monitors, so every pixel countrs to make my window feels good enough for me, if I could make, for example the Overview and Watch List, a bit smaller, that would be great.

-Customizable “left icons section” features(idk what’s called, where you see the system/constellation/region details, routes, angent missions, daily campaings etc. That could have a lot of options to customize it, but since I played EVE I never noticed any big changes to it.

-Optional options(lol) for the main hud: The circular hud, modules, target icons etc, they should have other formats, sizes, desings. It has been a pain for me and all the people I know for ages that overloading is a pain to click(and even when you use the keyboard, 50-50 it doesn’t work, plust the fact that we were using this same desing for a while now. A change would be most welcome.For example, the target icons could be different for enemies, rats and friendlies(alliance/fleet).

-Optional desings for every window: Different color tabs, window formats for each ship you are flying at the moment, different patterns for the buttons.

As my friend always says: The more options, the better, ALWAYS!

Thanks again for all your work folks, God bless you all.

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