Custom UI Colors

Looking back at my time on the forum, I’ve realized that I’m always complaining. In modern business education they teach you that a customer that complains is trying to improve your service or industry because they care about it- so I’ve never really felt bad about my criticisms.

But this time I honestly believe you guys deserve a pat on the back. It may have taken two decades of begging but the custom UI colors are awesome. I’d love to see even more customization options but what you have now is great. I instantly know which character I’m on when I switch between them because I set them all on different colors that match their portrait icons.



Just a fun sidefact: Before Photon, we had this:


Arguably even better color handling than Photon now.

I hope this puts your praise into perspective. Photon is not good or anything, it just slowly crawls back towards the level of a better UI.


Yah with a game as old as EVE CCP is bound to go back to the past and rehash stuff that has been retired.

My praise is solely for the implementation of the custom color editor feature. Long overdue, but still very cool.

You are right though- Photon itself needs a ton of work and if any CCP dev has ever ran the game and tried to customize an amount of ammo in a simulated fit then I’m sure the team is aware.

Or at least I hope they are.

I have to say I was really hyped for this, but ended up disappointed.

There is just so much of the UI that is default no matter what colors you set so I still can’t tell my clients apart nearly as consistently as with the old UI color choices we had years ago. Also nothing I can set effects the almost impossible to see color tinting for when you select text.

So, both issues that I was hoping this would let me fix did not. A nice thought but a failed implementation, in my eyes.


Yes, the biggest problem is that all unfocused windows are still dark gray instead of the chosen color, which defeats this claim entirely.

There is a checkbox setting to change that in the same list where you can choose to customize your colors.

Hey, thanks for this, that really makes it much better

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