Problems adapting to new UI (dark vs bright)

Is it just me or do some of you also have issues with the darker backgrounds and very bright letters? One example the overview window, I am having a bit of a hard time adapting, just want to know what you all think?

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Not sure if it’s just you but it’s certainly not me. I am fine with Photon the way it is now and they’re supposed to continue improving it.

Fifie chimes in.

I wish I could say the same, I am having issues with the suddenly darker interface with much brighter lettering./

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I’m sorry you’re having issues with that. I know how it is, I have sensitive blue/green/grey eyes that change colors accordingto my mood and what color I wear. Lots of players don’t want to be forced to use the Photon UI, I can understand that.
I wish that CCP could keep both UI’s and give the choice to the players.

As to darker interface with bright lettering, I have set all window backgrounds to Light, that offsets the bright white of the font by giving nuance to the background. It’s easier to read for me but I know everybody’s eyes aren’t the same.
I can only suggest you mess with the settings and try to find one that improves things for you.
Also, a large flatscreen helps. Although it’s not just everyone who can buy a big screen on a whim.

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