Photon UI

This is a request to CCP design team , please try the game in a reguar size monitor or in a laptop, you will understand why people are not ok with the new UI,

  • the icons are too big
  • the text size is bigger than old UI
  • the highlighting on buttons are not really good
  • the new highlighting notification system is bad we cant notice it easily
  • using big drone icons in drone tab is bad design ,we don"t want to see our drones images
  • there is too much empty spaces on the top side of fleet finder tab, top of d-scan and peob-
    scan tabs.
  • the new purple colou for null security space does’t make any sense.
  • overall the UI is too bright, and why using dull colors more?.

why the pirate faction and some other themes are not available in new UI?
why you trying to make this game UI looks like a moblie game?
why using dull colors more?, what is the problem with bright colours we had in the old UI like
the red, green, blue etc.


I´ve played eve for fun. Photon ui ruined my eve experience, experience that start about 2013.
Well , its time to say good bye eve. Fly safe guys

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