UI fixup of overlooked details

Hi all,
It has been too long that we have a couple of UI issues that I am aware off and for sure there are some I don’t know about. With the new expansion around the corner, I would like to see some love given to the UI as well.

  • Ship Fitting window has the word “Fitting Name” cut off by a few pixels and the name of ship in the title of this window is blurred to nothing.

  • Ship tree - Command ships have unaligned locations. All but Minmatar Command ships in the Ship tree have on the right side the ship with 100% AoE range on the right, Minmatar has it on the left.

  • Guristas ships have random order of bonuses being listed -
    Worm has Gallente first, Caldari second
    Mamba has Caldari first, Gallente second
    Gila has Gallente first, Caldari second etc

This really needs to be unified.

I’m pretty sure there are more of such issues that I am not aware about, feel free to add them in the thread!


Absolutely agreed that this stuff needs fixing. Especially the first bullet point is just Photon being bad at playing the UI game. You should post this in Photon UI - General Feedback


Right, I probably should have posted it there, didn’t notice it exists. My bad. I’ll see if maybe ISD can move this post so I don’t create duplicates.

Moved as requestet to Photon UI - EVE Online Forums

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with this new patch i have a ui issue there is little whit symbols on my ships that look the same as what i see on overview is there any way i can remove them. please let me know cause i dont need them. you need to have a way to remove them ty
Zaber Xavier

I very much doubt that’s an “issue”, but intended feature. I agree that old players don’t need them, it’s nice for new players.