Version 20.11 - Known Issues

Hello everyone,

Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in the 20.11 version of EVE Online, first released December 13th 2022.

Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues.

Quick Info:

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Known Issues:


  • Hangar depth of field effect is overly strong. Workaround: This setting can be toggled off in the graphic settings under ‘Effects’.

Science & Industry

  • Upwell Structure refining bonuses and rigs are not applying to the new ore types (Mordunium, Ytirium, Eifyrium and Ducinium).
  • The new ore types are not included in the descriptions of the reprocessing skills and mining crystals associated with them.

User Interface

  • Photon UI: Structure deployment window content is overflowing.
  • Container selection in Multifit window is broken.
  • Photon UI: Dragging skill within skill queue broken.

Wrong KI topic linked in General Feedback…

Also: I am not even in the game yet and already see any issue with Photon:

Look at this huge notification window that is the smallest possible size. See all this ridiculous amount of wasted, empty space? Why? What is the point of this ridiculous waste of space… And on top of that: Text in this window is harder to read. Great. I’m already looking forward to testing Photon again and turning it off again.


i can no longer change the order of skills in my training queue



  • Even in Compact Mode, my cargo window requires 20% more width to display the same 3 icon columns that the old UI managed to display. Bad.

  • Row contrast between selected and unselected rows in the Probe scanner is too faint. Bad.

  • The Recover Probe button in the Probe scanner window is tiny, squished into a corner and not a Button. It’s just a symbol that does not follow the Button design that Photon claims to use. The old UI does this much better. Bad.

  • The buttons to manipulate probes in the Probe window do not look like buttons. They are just symbols.

  • Station service buttons do not look like buttons. They are just symbols. The old UI does this better. Bad

  • Drone health bars are uneven height. How is that even possible?

  • the numeric Hud Speed indicator is still harder to read than in the old UI, and the darker blue now makes it harder to see the speed gauge.

  • Icon lines in the radial menu have different line thicknesses. How even? Bad.

  • Create Bookmark windows and all other windows like it (market order window, naming window, linkification window) are too big and overflowing with empty, wasted space for no good reason.

  • Drone window still wastes space and creates unnecessary UI noise by aligining the In Space Header to the bottom of the window instead of below the drone groups.

  • right click menu still wastes too much space. Bad

  • the Window Margin options do not work on Compact Mode windows, and they do not impact the wasted space due to padding between rows in normal mode windows. Bad.

  • Radial Menu buttons are mushy and harder to distinguish.

  • selection highlight of items is completely invisible on things like BPC in certain color themes like Caldari. BAD.

  • In compact mode it’s not possible to easily reload a window to move icons into empty spots after you jettisoned items, for instance. Bad.

  • there are 2 different text styles of which one is easy to read and the other is mushy, blurry and hard to read. Guess which is which:

  • Text search boxes are still virtually indistinghuishable from the background. This is particularly bad in compact mode, like here:

  • the Probe strength and other important info that used to be available at a glance in the old UI is now hidden in a tooltip which makes it harder to see and utilize. BAD. Instead of hiding this info behind useless SYMBOLS that indicate that they could be BUTTONS, show the figures and show the breakdown of the figure in the tooltip.
    Honestly, who in their right mind comes up with the idea to put NON-BUTTON-SYMBOLS NEXT to BUTTON SYMBOLS? What are you smoking?

  • Standing icons are mushy. Ship tech type tags are mushy. STILL. Bold Text is mushy. Bad.

  • While you added back the Search field in compact mode for Item and Ship hangar, you did not do that for containers. There is no search field for open container windows in compact mode. BAD.

  • the new chat activity indicator is just bad. First you get flashing text and color fillign the tab. Both disappear after a few seconds and you are left with a tiny, almost unnoticeable indicator bar at the bottom of the tab. Considering the fact that the tabs have no separation bar between text and button row any more, this indicator might as well not be there at all. This is BAD.

  • Some chat tabs show number of uses, while others’d don’t my active tab currently does not but the Corp tab does show the number. Why?

  • Speaking of the Probe Window and Dscan window. The distance and range sliders are smashed at the bottom of the window and are too narrow compared to the comfortable size they had in the old UI. This feels Bad.

  • Why is the range slider disappearing when a probe runs its scan cycle? Why do you waste your time and the client’s calculation power on something so useless? Why do you introduce that kind of inconsistency in the UI in the first place? If something becomes non-interactable, it just grays out every wshere. This UI behavior is another inconsistency that makes your claims that this UI is supposed to do everything better than the old UI moot and deceptive.

  • Buttons in the notification windows are ridiculously large and way too close to the text. There is no reasonable separation between buttons and text like in literally any other good UI.

  • And while CCP wastes so much space in some areas they really go to stupid levels of saving space in other areas. Spot the issues here:

  • Station icons are now smaller, you can’t change their size anymore and they are harder to see because they are just symbols and no longer proper buttons like they used to be in the old UI. BAD.

Good things about it?

  • still only the drone window if you ignore the crap header alignment.
  • window borders finally to see borders on overlapping windows.

Overall: Photon is coming along but it is still a trainwreck. And even though CCP says they want to introduce more uniformity in the UI, especially when it comes to buttons CCP introduces a ridiculous amount of inconsistency and irregularities compared to the old UI. Who thinks this is a good idea?

Photon really and absolutely needs a general setting “Compact UI” or “Normal UI” in General Settings because I really, really do not want to go through all the windows on all my characters and compact what can be compacted. This should be much easier.


As stated before - re-arranging skill queue ain’t possible anymore. <3


There are no Observatory Flashpoints in Pochven since the patch.

AIR Activities now add an unremovable New Thing indicator to the EVE menu because I have X unclaimed rewards. Despite me having turned off Blinking for that window and I don’t care about the rewards. Great.

The same problem applies to the Redeem Items window. It has the colored New Things marker on it and I cannot remove it unless I clear out all the things. In the old UI, I could open it and close it and the blinking was gone. Bad UI design.


Typo or cut off in compact in Photon. We now “earch” for items.


The observatory flashpoints are not spawning in pochven, is it intended nerf, or a bug

This is with DOV turned on. I get that the things in the far back of the hangar are out of focus. But why is the hangar platform out of focus as well? This entire feature is nauseating.

This isn’t really a “bug” per se, but was playing with the Career Agent Industrialist changes this morning. In re this:

  • Characters will now be gifted a ‘Mining Laser Upgrade I’ when accepting the fourth Industrialist - Producer mission.

New characters do not have the required skills to use this item. It might be a good idea, if this is intentional behavior, to more carefully explain how to get a skill and inject it and so on, and train it, so that you can use this level one item.


when a chat window is reduced in size to its minimum, it keeps refreshing the format and consumes lots of FPS



increased a bit


Took me a while to find it out …

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Correct me if i’m wrong, but i have a feeling that scrollbars into inventory and chat channels were changing its brightness on mouseover prior the patch. Moreover scrollbars in some parts of inventory and other windows like agency, character sheet etc. are changing its brightness on mouseover.
Here’s the picture of what i’m talking about:

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It seems to be not bad, but huge invisible frames in the windows force you to disable the new interface

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the base yield when reprocessing the new ores like moonshine ytirium in a tatara is incorrect: its only 50% instead of 63% like everything else. Jet ochre looks fine, but not others.


My screen is currently alternating between this:

and this:

every second or so

I’m not sure where the blue light is coming from


Maybe the texture gets inverted or something? :thinking: Just a random guess though, maybe it is some light issue as you mention.

Adding my post from the Photon UI feedback thread here since its live:

Live Game Bug after adding a new overview tab as separate window : Overview Settings menu is not loading/showing/updating the correct Filter’s Exception states

  • opening the Exceptions tab in Overview Settings Filters menu for an already selected filter, or trying to access it from the right click edit current option in the Overview does not load the correct filter’s Exception states.
  • trying to select a different filter does not change which filter’s Exceptions states are shown.
  • editing the selected filter name updates a different filter!

Example: I opened the default War Targets filter, it shows the Exceptions state from a different profile.

After adding a new overview tab with Filter-B loaded as separate window:
(1) Closing the Overview Settings, selecting/highlighting a different tab, and re-opening the menu seems to load the correct Filter-A state for that tab initially.
(2) The Select filter to edit drop down menu does not work for exceptions, the same filter’s exceptions remain loaded.
(3) Attempting to edit any exception state will update filter-A, followed by the menu instead showing exception states from a different Filter-B (one recently added as separate window). Further changes to this unexpected Filter-B work ‘correctly’ (the menu still incorrectly displays as editing Filter-A). It is not possible to get the overview menu to show or edit a different filter unless step 1 is repeated.

- JUST TRIED THE TYPES TAB, all the above applies to type filters as well - Once you edit any of the types any further changes are always made to the filter in the separate window instead of the one you might expect. (and breaks the select all buttons / right click menus until you re-open)

Highly recommend communicating to players not to touch their overview types or exceptions if they are using separate overview windows, or to make an overview export before doing so. The menu will no longer accurately show the current or expected results, and you are very likely to mess up your overviews.

High GPU usage in Hangar at the lowest settings. It seems to scale directly with the zoom in / out. Also high GPU when using multiple EVE instances that are not minimized. Each instance gets their share of GPU.
In space the problem is not visible.

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