Suggested Change: Fix a stupid UI issue

A recommendation to fix something that frankly feels stupid.

The game has great support for Duel Screens. Love the ability to change the centre point so that you can put a ship on one screen and your chats on the other for example.

But have you ever opened the Eve Store in-game with duel screens?

Devs should align the store to one side or maybe even just link it to the adjuster because frankly it’s a ****** experience right now that I avoid because of how hard it is to browse across the two screens.

If you are going to post something towards the CSM at least tag them in it… Otherwise ideas need to be posted in Player Features and Ideas…

but i’ll be nice and Tag @Brisc_Rubal and @Mike_Azariah

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wow, yeah that is silly. I will point it out up the line



I’ve never understood why the EVE store needs to be centered on the screen anyway. Why not fill the whole screen so I can look at more stuff? I’ll add it to my list.


Heterochromia cat wants you to know that you can adjust your monitor settings so that they have a similar color temperatures.

Maybe pick something in between orange and blue.

languidly walks away


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